I was born on August 14, 1987 in West Los Angeles, CA. Growing up i always had an interest in art and music but never new what i wanted to do for a living. I new that it had to entail one of the two, if not both. As a young boy my father and mother never put me through music classes or art classes due to the fact that they had previously wasted the time & money on my brother and sister, when they had no interest in music. However, I was different. I was always interested in music maybe even more then art, and at a young age I began to teach myself how to play guitar and piano by ear; and i would constantly be singing, yet it all went un-noticed.

See my dad was a musician always busy with performances and my mother worked at a hospital, so that was the other factor that played the role in my independant learning. But i wasn't going to let that stop me from what i was passionate about.

I was just recently babtized as a Sventh-Day Adventist and am now trying to persue a career in music at least part time. I love singing and I figured out that if I hane been given a talent, I should use it for to honor the one who gave it to me and bring people to him. I do write some songs that have to do with love but all of them still relate to God and don't have any wrong or twisted views of love like so many artists out there in the industry today. So next year i'm praying that all will go smoothly as i send out my demo for the producers, who ever they might be.

aBoUt mE pHoToS
wHaTs nEw hOmE