Greg Constantine


My Art Journey 2021

My Art Journey” Greg Constantine, A Memoir 2021 114 pages, Self-Published

Bonjour Brancusi 2019

Bonjour Brancusi” is a 60-page graphic biography (164 frames) about the life and art of Constantin Brancusi, the Romanian peasant boy who, at age 19, walked 1200 miles to Paris in 1904 and according to scholars Sidney Geist, Eric Shanes and many others, developed into the most original and influential modern sculptor of the 20th century.

Brancusi's story is divided into six chapters; 1. His walk to Paris, 2. The Kiss, 3. The Heads, 4. The Birds, 5. The Column, 6. Studio Visitors and Travels.

All 164 line drawings are enhanced with black and white watercolor. Each frame includes “text balloons” that reveal his dialog with friends and collectors discussing philosophical and technical aspects of his work. The drawings are rendered in the style of a graphic novel (or comic book) but the entire book is historically factual.

Children's Book Series 2009-2010

The three children's books, "When Big Artists Were Little Kids", "When MORE Big Artists Were Little Kids", and "When Big Architects Were Little Kids" are inspired by my own beginnings as an artist. These books are for middle readers (ages 7-12) each depicting 17 famous artists or architects, from Leonardo to Warhol, as little kids, using a combination of the artists' real biographical facts and my own imagination to tell the stories.

Visiting Artists 1982-86

Three 80-page books of drawings of famous artists coming to well-known American cities were exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Frankfurt, and Chicago and published by Alfred A. Knopf and Chicago Review Books as Vincent van Gogh Visits New York 1983, Leonardo Visits Los Angeles 1985, and Picasso Visits Chicago 1986. The drawings are rife with references to contemporary art and culture, art history, and the life of the artists themselves. Considerable documentation of the references in the end matter of each book makes them curiously educational.

Picasso Visits Chicago

1986, Chicago Review Books, 80 pages.

Leonardo Visits Los Angeles

1985, Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 80 pages, also released in
1985, Mondadori, Milan, Italy
1985, Kindler, Munich, Germany

Vincent van Gogh Visits New York

1983, Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 80 pages, also released in
1983 Chatto & Windus, London, England
1984 Kindler, Munich, Germany
1984 Mondadori, Milan, Italy
1984 Aubier, Paris, France

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