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General Chemistry:  Chem131 Lecture & Lab Information


Course Title

General Chemistry I, CHEM131 (Fall Semester 2015)

Section 1 @ 9:30 – 10:20 a.m.  =>  Instructor:  Hayes (click for more info)

Section 2 @ 10:30 – 11:20 a.m. =>  Instructor:  Randall


CHEM131-001 = Lecture given by Dr. Hayes

CHEM131-002 = Lecture given by Dr. Randall

CHEM131-L01 = Afternoon Lab in Room #220 in Halenz Hall (Instructor: Hayes)

CHEM131-L02 = Afternoon Lab in Room #221 in Halenz Hall (Instructor: Hayes)

CHEM131-L03 = Evening Lab in Room #220 in Halenz Hall (Instructor: Hayes)

CHEM131-L04 = Evening Lab in Room #221 in Halenz Hall (Instructor: Hayes)


4 Credits

(4 = Lecture, 0 = Lab…officially, however, it is really 3 credits for lecture and 1 credit for lab.)


This first course in chemistry is for students planning to major in science, engineering, or pre-professional programs such as pre-medicine, pre-dentistry, or pre-pharmacy.  Topics include structure and function of atoms, molecules, and compounds also including states of matter, solutions, energy of reactions, stoichiometry, and a short introduction to organic chemistry.  Lab introduces hands-on experience with chemical analysis, material properties, chromatography, and using equipment such as analytical balances, volumetric glassware, and optical absorbance spectrometer.


MPE ≥ P3 OR passing grade in MATH165,166,168,191;

High school chemistry or physics strongly recommended.


Weekly: 3 lectures (MWF), 2 recitations (TR), and a 3-hour lab (M).

Required Materials

Textbook, Lab Manual, Online Web Learning (OWL), goggles, models, and iClicker2




















Section 1 Instructor:  Ryan Hayes, Ph.D.

Contact Email:

Contact Phone #: 269-471-3248

Office:  Halenz Hall, Room A-322


This webpage is to help students taking General Chemistry (Chem131) in the Fall Semester of this 2014-2015 school year.  There will be information about the textbook and other required materials for this class found here on this website, in the syllabus, and posted on LeaningHub (aka Moodle).  During the semester all class-related information will be found on the LearningHub webpage which can be accessed by your AU username and password.  For new or transfer students, you may not be able to access Moodle yet since it depends on your registration status for AU and for this class.




------------------ REQUIRED MATERIALS for CHEM131 (and CHEM132) ----------------------


You might be interested in knowing about the textbook and other required materials for General Chemistry.  We are NOT using the same textbook from the previous school years.  We are NOT using the same Lab Manual.  However, all the materials are good for the whole school year so you should not have to purchase anything else for the second semester.


TEXTBOOK - REQUIRED:  Chemistry: An Atoms First Approach, by Zumdahl and Zumdahl, 2nd edition  (Publisher: Cengage)

Text Box:

·       Loose Leaf @ AU Bookstore, ISBN =  9781305717633 (recommended): Make sure to get 3-ring binders for this.  1” and a 2” 3-ring binder should work.

·       Hard back from Cengage, ISBN =  9781305079243 (more $$)

·          !! IMPORTANT !!  You must also have OWL (Online Web Learning) which is a web-based homework assessment site.  This means some of your homework will be submitted through this website.   They require that you sign up and pay for access to these web sites.  However, if you purchase the textbook from the AU Bookstore, OWL will be bundled into the price.  You will pay one price at the AU Bookstore and get two (2) things:  Loose-Leaf Textbook + OWL.

·          Note 1:  The AU Bookstore is selling the textbook as “Loose Leaf  which needs a 3-ring binder to put the textbook into.  This is a much cheaper option for you.  Then you would only need to bring the chapters you need to class which will make your backpack lighter!  They AU Bookstore will not sell the hardbook version.  You are welcome to buy the hardback version at another venue (e.g. Cengage, Amazon, etc.)

·         Note 2:  Here is a website created by the publisher of our custom materials that you can purchase the same things that will be offered by the AU Bookstore.

·         Note 3:  If you buy your textbook from Amazon or other venue, you will need to purchase the OWL separately and at a higher cost.  Here is the textbook and OWL bundle at the Cengage Website:







Online Web Learning (OWL) - REQUIRED.  This is an online web learning site designed specifically for our textbook by the publisher (Cengage).  About half of your homework will be completed and submitted using OWL. 

·          There are also LOTS of great resources:  tutorials, videos, practice problems, etc. 

·          This is bundled with textbook if purchased at AU Bookstore. 

·          Get the 24-month subscription if you are taking the class for the full year.  6-months is not long enough.  The textbook from the AU bookstore comes bundled with the 24-month subscription.

·          However, if you purchase your textbook somewhere besides the AU Bookstore, you will need to purchase separately.


iClicker2 - REQUIRED for attendance and quizzes.  Keep an extra 2 to 4 AAA batteries at all times. This is a switch from the clicker systems from last year and the year’s past.

A response device with LCD capabilities for self-paced polling and short answers

·                   Other classes use this same clicker.

·                   Buy once.  No other fees or subscription costs. 




Laboratory Manual - REQUIRED: General Chemistry Laboratory Manual– 2015 (AU Customized Version);


·                      Only available at AU Bookstore which means you cannot order at Amazon or buy a used copy.

·                      It contains worksheets that you will turn in for most of the labs so don’t buy a used one.

·                      Don’t forget to write your name in it!






Laboratory Safety Goggles -  REQUIRED:  You can purchase some nice (somewhat stylish) SAFETY GOOGLES from the Chemistry department (HH225).  Oversized safety goggles that fit over prescription eye-ware are also available. 

·       For safety purposes, these need to be goggles NOT safety glasses since we will be dealing with splash (liquid) hazards from time to time.

·       Proper goggles form a seal around the face and are indirectly vented.  

·       Cost - $12 (price may vary) or so which can be placed on your AU account. 

·       We will use the first lab period on Monday (8/24) to purchase this item.

·       Can be used for organic chemistry and other labs.  In theory, this is a one-time expense.

·       If you forget to bring to lab, you can “rent” a pair for $3/lab from the chemistry office.  This is to discourage losing or forgetting them. 

·       For optimal safety, it is best to put the goggles on before coming into lab (at the door).  Safety begins at the door, not the drawer!

·       You will NOT be allowed to store them in the lab locker/drawer that will be assigned to you.


Models - REQUIRED:  Ball and stick models to help you visualize the arrangement of atoms in molecules. 

·       These will be made available only through Chemistry Department (HH225).  

·       We will use the first lab period on Monday (8/24) to purchase this item which is the best time to purchase.

·       Can be picked up at any time after classes start but we will make them available for the first lab.

·       Cost - $24 (price may vary) which can be placed on your AU account.

·       Can be used for organic chemistry.  In theory, this is a one-time expense.


Calculator – Minimum functions in addition to simple arithmetic functions:  logarithm (log), natural logarithm (ln), exponential (ex), scientific notation (EE or E or EXP).  A graphing calculator or programmable one is not necessary but allowable.




----------------------  RESOURCES  -------------------------


Classroom Communication:  How does the instructor communicate and which email address should I use?






WebPage Author:  Ryan Hayes

Version: 8/6/2015