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for Grade 3 and 4

Earth Science: Water Cycle

Designed by Seyla Khat


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This lesson was developed as a part of technology-based activity to integrate the teaching of science, particularly on water cycle and computer, particularly on the use of the internet for searching resources.


Students will be able to identify the problem “No Water!?” and its causes, find consequences, and develop a solution. The major question is “Why do we run out of the water?


This lesson is designed for 3rd and 4th grade in regular or multi-grade classroom. It involves Science/Technology (water cycle, and the use of the internet for searching resources) to a lesser extent. 

Resources Needed              

To implement this lesson teacher needs:

  • Computer
  • E-mail accounts for all students
  • Internet access using high speed connection

Most websites are specifically for the topic of the lesson. The textbook or hardcopy materials are not necessarily used. However, teacher can choose to use it as a supplemental material.                                                                                                                                 To check the textbook or instructional materials online, teacher can go to Amazon.

Since there is usually one teacher in the multi-grade classroom, it is better to rotate the students unless there is an assistant teacher or volunteer to help. The number of teacher needed for implementation of this lesson is depending upon the number of student.