Selected Write-in Comments

“As a tenure-track faculty member, I am expected to publish … and present at relevant library conference/workshops.”


“An important part of my effectiveness is becoming an integral part of the both the Music Dept. and the Library. This is valued by my institution more than (1) getting published (2) involvement in professional organizations or (3) community involvement.”   “The research process gives me more depth as a reference librarian. As I find resources that help me in my research, I find resources that can potentially help other students and faculty members.”


“My activities as a performer and arranger were extremely valuable, both in demonstrating to the students and faculty that I knew about their ‘world’ and their issues, and as evidence to library administration that I was in touch with the academic department I served.”   “Being visible in the campus music community Attending recitals and performance Teaching and evaluating library research in required sophomore music class Meet students, chat with faculty Working closely with grad research class Member of music curriculum committee”   “Campus and community visibility can be elusive for librarians - an effort must be made to gain recognition. Participating as a performer on campus with music faculty gives me a personal and professional connection to the department that I would not have otherwise. An administration that connects my name with "extra-curricular" work with students and faculty increases the likelihood of getting things I need”   “It has been important for me to hold a faculty appointment. [While it] has resulted in a bit more pressure and work in some ways, it has also allowed me to be a part of the faculty ‘conversation’ in a way that has a dramatic impact on the way I am able to carry out my work.”   “I think being considered as a peer with faculty and being involved in campus governance and committees is very important to being an effective music librarian. Otherwise, it's more difficult to advance the library and effect changes that will benefit the university community.”


“Vast personal experience I have with music. My 20 years of being a Disc Jockey at a college station has educated me in all genres of music.”


“Enthusiasm and passion! My passion lies with music.”



Information about the 97/98 MLA Survey of Personnel Characteristics


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