Music Library Association Presentations

Music Library Association
Small Academic Libraries Roundtable

Beyond BI
Enhancing the Music Librarian’s Effectiveness on Campus

MLA Annual Meeting
February 24, 2006
Memphis , Tennessee



Linda Mack
Associate Professor & Music Librarian
James White Library
Andrews University
(269) 471-3114

Sarah Canino
Vassar College

Marjorie Morris
Rowan University

Barbara R. Walzer
Sarah Lawrence College

Description : At the 2004 MLA Annual meeting in Arlington, Linda Mack, Andrews University, presented her poster: Beyond BI: Interdisciplinary campus connections that market and strengthen the small academic Music Library. This gave birth to a study of music librarians in small academic libraries. As librarians often bring a variety of skills, knowledge, and interests beyond the general responsibilities of managing a music collection. The scope of this session will be to examine successful strategies used by music librarians to support and promote the goals of their institutions as they enrich professional effectiveness as contributing members of an entire campus community. Linda will present results of the survey of music librarians that studied current practice in areas such as: publications, performances, teaching, community activities, and the development of new technological advancements, conferences, and resource sharing. She will also present her personal experiences which include directing the University's Early Music Ensemble, teaching general humanities, English, and a math/physics colloquium.

Sarah Canino , Vassar College Music librarian will discuss her contribution to the Center for Educational Technology conference at Vassar, June 9-10. CET is interested in facilitating efforts to develop, aggregate, assess and share learning objects and resources online. Participants include contributors from Wesleyan, Haverford, Hamilton, St. Lawrence, DePauw and Bates. Sarah will develop her experiences on a panel of faculty members, technologists and librarians who examined integrating music and digital technologies which enhance learning and research.

Marjorie Morris of Rowan University has served on the Women's Studies Advisory Board for several years, where she has represented Rowan's professional staff, the Music Department and the student feminist club for which she serves as an advisor. This participation has given her the opportunity to reach beyond the Music Branch Library. Specifically, activities related to her work on this board have included: encouraging the performance of music by/for women at Rowan as an annual event connected with Women's History Month in March, and political action against gender bias in orchestras and in the performance of music written by women. In her presentation, she will highlight strategies she has used within the academic frameworks on Rowan's campus.