Maximizing Contributions of Branch Library
Student Assistants to the Library System

Music Library Association Annual Conference Poster Session
New Orleans
January 31, 1997

Presenter: Linda Mack
Music Librarian
James White Library
Andrews University

The Music Materials Center (MMC) of the James White Library at Andrews University is one of two branch libraries in the system. It is staffed by one librarian and 5-7 (approx. 65 hrs/week) student assistants. The MMC staff is responsible for public services for the branch, all cataloging procedures for scores and sound recordings, physical processing of scores, sound recordings, and music reference books, and all name-title authority work for musical compositions in the library's OPAC. The MMC staff also contributes time to special library-wide projects.

This poster session describes how MMC student assistants' slow time is organized to assist in such projects as: participating in the cataloging workflow, evaluating and processing gifts, creating and maintaining specialized lists, ordering new materials, updating printed reference sources, OPAC music authority cleanup and record enhancement, research assistant tasks for the music librarian, non-music data entry in OPAC, and others.

The program makes it possible to provide quality access to music materials with minimal staff. Student assistants are assigned to increasingly complex tasks commensurate with their experience with music and data management. Working with the library system as a whole decreases the isolation of the branch library staff. Utilizing the assistants' time efficiently justifies a higher wage. This and the expanded responsibilities given the student assistants has resulted in increased job satisfaction and loyalty to the library system.

  • Staff Information
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  • Slow Time Projects
  • Training Documents
  • Department Policies and Procedures
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  • Student Employee Handbook - added March 1999
  • Pathfinder for Reference Training - added March 1999

    For further information contact:

    Linda Mack

    Music Materials Center
    Andrews University
    Berrien Springs, MI 49104-0230