These are my cats. From top, clockwise: Crystal, Rainy, and Squiggley.

These are some of my friends at our eighth grade banquet.

A long time ago . . .

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Squiggley is the only cat living in my house right now.

(Above) This is a picture I took not to far from my house. If you were wondering, yes, the picture of clouds on the homepage is one I took too.

This site has some great images.

Rainy and Crystal were the same age and came from the same litter. They both had seperate twins.


This is one of my Momma's drawings. (Below)



This is my little puppy April, named after the month.


This is my family.

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This is one of my brother's drawings. It doesn't even come close to his best.

If you like manga try this one: Blade of the Immortal