I am a Seventh-Day Adventsist!

Seventh-day: we set aside the Seventh day for rest, God told us not to do any work in the fourth commandment (Exodus 20). Some work is absolutely neccesary and God does understand that as He said in

Adventist: we are awaiting Jesus Second Coming.

We believe that Christ came to atone for our sins on the cross and that He rose again. Before He went back up to Heaven He promised that He would come back for us to take us to Heaven with Him. We also believe that death is only part of life in the way that is only a dreamless "sleep" until Jesus returns to raise the righteous and call the righteous living to Him in the clouds with all of the angels. We also believe that after all that, He will cleanse the earth of the wicked, create a new one and bring Heaven to earth. Having a hard time fathoming this? Have faith.

Jesus is the only answer.














Another thing SDA's believe is Creationism. God created absolutely everything (Genesis 1) Amazing, huh? He created the heavens, galaxies, universes, He even created life!



If you are looking for a great worship experience try listening to some music by Steven Curtis Chapman or Jaci Valasquez. The music you are listening to right now is by the Newboys. The song is called Entertaining Angels.

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