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I was born in Martinique a French Caribeen Island. I have two sisters of which is my twin and a younger brother . Throught my childhood I was homeschooled, which gave me a lot of time for after school activities, such as, painting, music, gardening and others art-craft.
I had many traveling opportunities and travelled in quite a few of countries.
Four yeears ago I came into the US to study english at first but decided to stay longer and study for a double major in Music performence and Digital Multimedia.
Along the way I met i magnificent princess nammed Rhonda. I guess she made my head go crazy.
Well I got so silly about her that I married her this past summer in August the 10th.
She is wonderful wife and a true beauty.
Well will will know about my traveling experiences and hobies in the next pages. so Please "Have Fun"!

My siblings pic