Digital Imaging -

Digital Vector Graphics -


  • Pool - A recording of a game of pool made for Intro to Digital Sound


  • Beaver 'B' Gone - A mock advertisement made for Digital Video I
  • Uninformed Soldiers - A movie trailer made for Digital Video I
    :: I don't know why, but the audio is not working on this one. I'm working on fixing it, but having some issues ::


  • Plunkett Family Album - A flash family album done for my Web Animation Class.
    :: Warning - File is very large (4.9mb) ::
  • Noah's Ark - A cheesy illustration of Noah's Ark done in Flash. Mostly wanted to try out ActionScript for the section with the animals
  • Flash MP3 Player - My final project for Web Animation - I focused primarily on ActionScript, as you can probably tell, but it works well for my first attempt

Web Sites

::These will open in a new broswer window::
  • Maroon Canine - For my DGME350 Web Publishing II class. We were experimenting with search engine placement.