People Against Under Construction Images

Under Construction Images are bad. They are stupid, pointless, and take up unnecessary bandwidth. Everyone knows that all Web pages are under construction, so why do we need to state it so bluntly, let alone use images to illustrate our incompetency?

There are way too many sites that tell us that they are "Under Construction". A search for "under construction" yields 1493395 hits on AltaVista. (20 Jan 97)

Here is a good satirical link for Under Construction Image lovers. And another which predicts what you are like by your Under Construction Image.

Under Construction images are never seen at highly popular and constantly changing web sites such as Netscape CNN, Yahoo!, or Lycos. If the best don't do it, neither should the worst. Under Construction Images should be removed from the layout of all Web pages. Take yours off now!

Our cause is gaining strength and recognition: check out the Under Construction Image FAQ : (well, sorry, i guess they're still under construction, and the old link now leads to mad porno lovin', but anyway). The founder, Rusty ---------- declared us the arch-enemy.

How does one combat such a problem? It is a very challenging question. Many people have told me about how cool of an anti-image they can create, some have even submitted such things. But that will be of no consequence. All that will happen is that one useless kind of image will be replaced by another. Thus the only allowable option is text and word of mouth discouragement. Kinda like the anti-drunk-driving campaigns... Friends don't let each other be incredible stupid or something like that. So, tell your friends that their pages are stupid if they insist on visually demonstrating how incompetent they really are.

Here is the official roster of the People Against Under Construction Images Club: (If you want to join the club, mail me your homepage's URL and tell me you want to join.) New members will only be accepted through 11:59p.m., 31 October 1997. If you wish to start an adjunct page, feel free to mail me also.

Ok, so now three years after putting up that deadline, I am finally changing this page, if ever so little. Let's just say that most people who have mailed me still aren't listed and probably none of these links even work anymore. But hey... Enjoy!

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