The Arch-enemy Letter

The Letter Proclaiming Me the ARCH-ENEMY

It seems that of late (6 September 2007), Rusty has had need of revising his web presence. Fortunately, I can still pretend that I am in high school. (For the record, it appears that neither of us are anymore, but alas, i'm lazy.) Thus, I am expunging his last name.
From Wed Jun  5 18:34 EDT 1996
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Subject: Under Construction
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Hello. I run the Under Construction Page, which is an archive of Under Construction pictures from the Web. The URL is: If I were you, I wouldn't go there cuz you'd probably have a heart attack. You are now my arch-enemy :). Seeya!
   |       "Those who give up a freedom for a little security
 ( | )      deserve neither freedom nor security" -Thomas Jefferson
  \|/            Rusty ----------:

Mail him and set him straight. (Ok, that won't work either, but it's the thought that counts.)

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