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Algebra 2 Powerpoints

As .pptx (PowerPoint) files

01 Linear Functions.pptx35.69Mb
02 Quadratic Functions.pptx68.09Mb
03 Quadratic Equations and Complex Numbers.pptx56.23Mb
04 Polynomial Functions.pptx90.66Mb
05 Rational Exponents and Radical Functions.pptx107.64Mb
06 Exponential and Logarithmic Functions.pptx2.61Mb
07 Rational Functions.pptx5.24Mb
09 Data Analysis and Statistics.pptx2.59Mb
10 Trigonometric Ratios and Functions.pptx2.27Mb
11 Sequences and Series.pptx1.72Mb
12 Matrices.pptx1.67Mb
Ch. 4 Polynomial Functions.pptx5.35Mb

As .pdf files

01 Linear Functions (handouts).pdf1.31Mb
01 Linear Functions.pdf1.11Mb
02 Quadratic Functions (handouts).pdf1.55Mb
02 Quadratic Functions.pdf3.61Mb
03 Quadratic Equations and Complex Numbers (handouts).pdf1.26Mb
03 Quadratic Equations and Complex Numbers.pdf1.43Mb
04 Polynomial Functions (handouts).pdf1.32Mb
04 Polynomial Functions.pdf1.51Mb
05 Rational Exponents and Radical Functions (handouts).pdf3.14Mb
05 Rational Exponents and Radical Functions.pdf3.54Mb
06 Exponential and Logarithmic Functions (handouts).pdf1.60Mb
06 Exponential and Logarithmic Functions.pdf2.25Mb
07 Rational Functions (handouts).pdf1.10Mb
07 Rational Functions.pdf952.16kb
09 Data Analysis and Statistics (handouts).pdf1.54Mb
09 Data Analysis and Statistics.pdf2.04Mb
10 Trigonometric Ratios and Functions (handouts).pdf1.37Mb
10 Trigonometric Ratios and Functions.pdf1.55Mb
11 Sequences and Series (handouts).pdf2.59Mb
11 Sequences and Series.pdf3.37Mb
12 Matrices (handouts).pdf1.44Mb
12 Matrices.pdf1.22Mb
Ch. 4 Polynomial Functions (handouts).pdf480.07kb
Ch. 4 Polynomial Functions.pdf432.67kb

Videos with Mr. Wright Teaching

These videos are also on Mr. Wright's Math Extravaganza Youtube channel.

03 Quadratic Equations

3.1 Solving Quadratic Equations
3.2 Complex Numbers
3.3 Completing the Square
3.4 Using the Quadratic Formula
3.5 Solving Nonlinear Systems of Equations
3.6 Quadratic Inequalities

04 Polynomial Functions

4.1 Graphing Polynomial Functions
4.2 Adding, Subtracting, and Multiplying Polynomials
4.3 Dividing Polynomials
4.4 Factoring Polynomials
4.5 Solving Polynomial Equations
4.6 The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra
4.7 Transformations of Polynomials
4.8 Analyzing Graphs of Polynomials
4.9 Modeling with Polynomial Functions

05 Rational Exponents and Radical Functions

5.Prepare for Chapter 5
5.1 nth Roots and Rational Exponents
5.2 Properties of Rational Exponents and Radicals
5.3 Graphing Radical Equations
5.4 Solving Radical Equations
5.5 Performing Functions Operations
5.6 Compositions of Functions
5.7 Inverse of a Function

06 Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

6.1 Exponent Properties and e (5.2, 6.2)
6.2 Exponential Growth and Decay Functions (6.1)
6.3 Rewrite Exponential as Logarithmic Functions (6.3)
6.4 Logarithmic Properties (6.5)
6.5 Graph Exponential and Logarithmic Functions (6.4)
6.6 Solve Exponential and Logarithmic Equations (6.6)
6.7 Modeling with Exponential and Logarithmic Functions (6.7)

07 Rational Functions

7.1 Inverse Variation
7.2 Graphing Rational Functions
7.3 Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions
7.4 Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions
7.5 Solving Rational Equations

08 Probability

8.1 Sample Spaces and Probability
8.2 Two-Way Tables and Probability
8.3 Conditional Probability
8.4 Independent and Dependent Events
8.5 Probability of Disjoint and Overlapping Events
8.6A Permutations and Combinations
8.6B The Binomial Theorem
8.7 Binomial Distributions

09 Data Analysis and Statistics

9.0 Measures of Center and Dispersion
9.1 Using Normal Distributions
9.2 Populations, Samples, and Hypotheses
9.3 Collecting Data
9.4 Experimental Design
9.5 Making Inferences from Sample Surveys
9.6 Making Inferences from Experiments

Old Larson 2011 PowerPoints

The old PowerPoints for Larson Algebra 2 (2011) are here.

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