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Geometry Paper and Patterns

As .jpg files

01 Grid Paper.jpg334.77kb
02 Coordinate Planes (graphs).jpg198.82kb
03 Square Dot Paper.jpg99.07kb
04 Isometric Dot Paper.jpg87.15kb
05 Two-Column Proof Format.jpg82.10kb
06 Tetrahedron Pattern.jpg85.49kb
07 Hexahedron Pattern.jpg90.63kb
08 Icosahedron Pattern.jpg131.21kb
09 Dodecahedron Pattern.jpg121.04kb
10 Octahedron Pattern.jpg100.51kb
11 Tangram Pattern.jpg90.46kb
12 Tessellation Shapes.jpg92.28kb
13 Protractor (print on clear plastic).jpg131.23kb
14 Trigonometric Ratio Table.jpg338.26kb

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