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Physics Worksheets

As .pdf files

Physics 01-01 Intro and Units.pdf663.09kb
Physics 01-02 Displacement and Vectors.pdf601.43kb
Physics 01-03 Velocity and Graphs.pdf721.67kb
Physics 01-04 Acceleration and Graphs.pdf773.01kb
Physics 01-05 Equations of 1-D Motion.pdf231.20kb
Physics 01-06 Free Fall.pdf585.65kb
Physics 01-07 2-D Vectors.pdf297.55kb
Physics 01-08 Projectile Motion.pdf721.08kb
Physics 02-01 Newtons Laws Lab.pdf628.42kb
Physics 02-02 Weight and Gravity.pdf645.02kb
Physics 02-03 Friction.pdf765.20kb
Physics 02-04 Tension, Hookes Law, Drag, and Equilibrium.pdf725.48kb
Physics 02-05 Nonequilibrium and Fundamental Forces.pdf722.21kb
Physics 02-06 Angular Velocity and Centripetal Acceleration.pdf687.53kb
Physics 02-07 Centripetal Force and Banked Curves.pdf705.49kb
Physics 02-08 Satellites.pdf626.11kb
Physics 03-01 Work and the Work-Energy Theorem.pdf727.23kb
Physics 03-02 Potential Energy and Conservative Forces.pdf632.97kb
Physics 03-03 Nonconservative Forces and Conservation of Energy.pdf683.91kb
Physics 03-04 Power.pdf588.19kb
Physics 03-05 Energy in Humans and the World.pdf798.76kb
Physics 03-06 Impulse and Momentum.pdf610.30kb
Physics 03-07 Conservation of Momentum.pdf592.43kb
Physics 03-08 Elastic and Inelastic Collisions.pdf631.04kb
Physics 04-01 Equilibrium.pdf691.25kb
Physics 04-02 Stability and Applications.pdf712.97kb
Physics 04-03 Simple Machines, Muscles, and Joints.pdf789.53kb
Physics 04-04 Kinematics of Rotational Motion.pdf661.20kb
Physics 04-05 Dynamics of Rotational Motion.pdf740.31kb
Physics 04-06 Angular Momentum.pdf673.59kb
Physics 05-01 Fluids and Density.pdf675.10kb
Physics 05-02 Pressure and Depth.pdf659.76kb
Physics 05-03 Pascals Principle and Measuring Pressure.pdf686.32kb
Physics 05-04 Archimedes Principle.pdf634.65kb
Physics 05-05 Flow Rate and Bernoullis Equation.pdf676.17kb
Physics 05-06 The Most General Applications of Bernoullis Equation.pdf622.16kb
Physics 05-07 Viscosity, Poiseuilles Law, and Turbulence.pdf701.77kb
Physics 06-01 Temperature and Thermal Expansion.pdf716.59kb
Physics 06-02 Ideal Gas Law and Kinetic Theory.pdf634.59kb
Physics 06-03 Phase Changes and Humidity.pdf357.95kb
Physics 06-04 Heat and Temperature Change.pdf296.17kb
Physics 06-05 Phase Change and Latent Heat.pdf705.46kb
Physics 06-06 Conduction.pdf693.78kb
Physics 06-07 Convection and Radiation.pdf681.29kb
Physics 06-08 The 1st Law of Thermodynamics and Simple Processes.pdf713.16kb
Physics 06-09 The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics and Heat Engines.pdf645.94kb
Physics 06-10 Entropy and the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.pdf662.28kb
Physics 07-01 Waves.pdf285.38kb
Physics 07-02 Hooke's Law and Simple Harmonic Motion.pdf664.69kb
Physics 07-03 Sound, Speed, Frequency, and Wavelength.pdf370.67kb
Physics 07-04 Sound Intensity and Sound Level.pdf697.69kb
Physics 07-05 Doppler Effect and Sonic Booms.pdf656.85kb
Physics 07-06 Superposition and Interference.pdf785.95kb
Physics 07-07 Sound Interference and Resonance.pdf749.25kb
Physics 07-08 Hearing and Ultrasound.pdf740.39kb
Physics 08-01 Static Electric Charge and Conductors.pdf688.57kb
Physics 08-02 Coulomb's Law.pdf671.71kb
Physics 08-03 Electric Field and Electric Field Lines.pdf823.96kb
Physics 08-04 Conductors in Equilibrium and Applications.pdf712.99kb
Physics 08-05 Electric Potential Energy-Potential Difference.pdf657.77kb
Physics 08-06 Electric Potential in a Uniform Electric Field.pdf790.50kb
Physics 08-07 Electric Potential Due to a Point Charge and Equipotential Lines.pdf809.06kb
Physics 09-01 Current, Resistance, and Ohms Law.pdf694.46kb
Physics 09-02 Resistance and Resistivity.pdf378.02kb
Physics 09-03 Electric Power and AC-DC.pdf669.63kb
Physics 09-04 Electricity and the Human Body.pdf670.63kb
Physics 09-05 Resistors in Series and Parallel.pdf792.51kb
Physics 09-06 Electromotive Force-Terminal Voltage.pdf639.42kb
Physics 09-07 Kirchhoffs Rules.pdf766.49kb
Physics 09-08 DC Voltmeters and Ammeters.pdf702.28kb
Physics 09-09 DC Circuits Containing Resistors and Capacitors.pdf721.90kb
Physics 10-01 Magnets.pdf391.27kb
Physics 10-02 Magnetic Fields and Force on a Moving Charge.pdf777.23kb
Physics 10-03 Magnetic Force on Current-Carrying Wire.pdf779.75kb
Physics 10-04 Magnetic Fields Produced by Currents.pdf805.68kb
Physics 10-05 Faradays Law of Induction and Lenzs Law.pdf756.20kb
Physics 10-06 Motional emf and Magnetic Damping.pdf684.15kb
Physics 10-07 Electric Generators and Back Emf.pdf633.35kb
Physics 10-08 Transformers and Electrical Safety.pdf745.18kb
Physics 10-09 Inductance.pdf638.90kb
Physics 11-01 Maxwells Equations and Production of EM Waves.pdf755.07kb
Physics 11-02 The EM Spectrum and Energy.pdf679.44kb
Physics 11-03 The Laws of Reflection and Refraction.pdf796.36kb
Physics 11-04 Total Internal Reflection.pdf738.35kb
Physics 11-05 Image Formation by Lenses.pdf698.91kb
Physics 11-06 Image Formation by Mirrors.pdf692.66kb
Physics 11-07 Vision.pdf598.25kb
Physics 11-08 Interference, Huygenss Principle, Youngs Double Slit Experiment.pdf755.54kb
Physics 11-09 Multiple Slit Diffraction.pdf732.02kb
Physics 11-10 Single Slit Diffraction, Limits of Resolution, Thin Film Interference.pdf735.19kb
Physics 11-11 Polarization.pdf658.78kb
Physics 12-01 Einsteins Postulates and Time Dilation.pdf660.93kb
Physics 12-02 Length Contraction.pdf625.93kb
Physics 12-03 Relativistic Addition of Velocities.pdf684.00kb
Physics 12-04 Relativistic Momentum.pdf622.22kb
Physics 12-05 Relativistic Energy.pdf638.22kb
Physics Unit 01 Notes.pdf4.81Mb
Physics Unit 02 Notes.pdf5.54Mb
Physics Unit 03 Notes.pdf5.50Mb
Physics Unit 05 Notes.pdf4.67Mb
Physics Unit 06 Notes.pdf6.37Mb
Physics Unit 07 Notes.pdf5.13Mb
Physics Unit 08 Notes.pdf5.15Mb
Physics Unit 09 Notes.pdf5.25Mb
Physics Unit 10 Notes.pdf5.92Mb
Physics Unit 11 Notes.pdf7.59Mb
Physics Unit 12 Notes.pdf3.59Mb

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