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About Mr. Wright

I was home schooled for kindergarten and first grade. Then I attended Battle Creek Academy in Michigan until I graduated from high school where I worked as a reader for the science teacher. The next fall I began attending Andrews University as a mechanical engineering major. After two years, I was not sure engineering was what I wanted for a career, so I decided to take a year off and go somewhere as a student missionary. I always liked school, so I went to Majuro, Marshall Islands as a high school science and math teacher. While in the Marshall Islands I fell in love with teaching, so upon my return to Andrews University I completed my Bachelor of Science Degree majoring in Math Education and minoring in Physics. I also became certified to teach secondary math and physics. In May 2009, I graduated with my Master's degree in education from Andrews University.

I am married to Melodie. She works for the Berrien County Sheriff's Department. We have two sons, Jonathan and Alex. They are a lot older than the pictures show. My students should get to know my family as they should be joining me for school activities.

About Class


When learning math and science, regular (daily) study and practice is essential. The purpose of assigned homework is to provide opportunities for focused study and practice. I do realize that rare situations will arise which will temporarily make it difficult for a student to submit work in a timely manner. If this is the case, please have your child talk to me as soon as possible. The earlier they make me aware of their situation, the easier it will be for us to make arrangements.

Progress Reports

In order to keep you informed of your child's progress, I will periodically email grade reports detailing their progress in class. Please look over the reports and discuss them with your child. You should then reply to the email stating that you have seen it. Your child will even receive five (5) bonus points.

In addition, we are using FACTS at Andrews Academy. FACTS is an internet site where you can view your grades as they are updated. It also has your attendance and school calendar. I will attempt to update my grades at least once a week and post test dates as they approach. In addition, all the class handouts that I create will be available via my webpages.

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