Biology (SCIN 927, 928)
(B. Science 10 Handout)

Course Objectives:
1. To develop the student's knowledge of biology.
2. To develop the student's scientific approach to reasoning with exercises in practical application, and experimental discovery.
3. To develop the student's awareness of the importance of the study of biology to our society and to his/her own well being.
4. To develop each student's scientific note taking ability.
5. To enhance the student's appreciation of God's creation, His laws for life, and His love for us.

Course Grades:
Tests & Exams 60% 100 - 90 % = A
Experiments/Homework 25% 89 - 80 % = B
Review Questions/Quizzes 10% 79 - 70 % = C
Notebook 5% 69 - 60 % = D
100 % 59 - 0 % = F

Course Approach:
Biology, the study of life, can be taught in many different ways. In this course, I will emphasize experimental discovery and everyday application of biological principles. Experimental discovery will help you develop your critical thinking and analytical abilities. Understanding the application of biology will show how essential the knowledge of biology is to our society and how much it has improved our lives. A good example of this would be the advances in health and medicine which have decreased morbidity and mortality, in the past 50 years.

Discussion Portion of Class: During discussion please:
1. Remain in assigned seat (as in do not walk around the room).
2. Take notes and concentrate (as in no talking or disrupting others).
3. Participate in the discussion - raise hand to be acknowledged before speaking.
4. You are encouraged to ask questions and give answers - serious comments only.

Experiment Portion of Class: During experiments please:
1. Go to assigned stations - wear goggles when the experiment requires it.
2. Follow lab instructions carefully - report any breakage or injury immediately.
3. Talk with low volume - when I call for your attention, stop immediately and listen.
4. Clean up area - leave your area clean and equipment put away. (or -5 pts.).
1. If the "homeletter" is signed and returned to myself the next school day after it was issued then 2 bonus points will be added to the chapter test. If it's returned within a few days of being issued then the student will receive one bonus point. If it is not returned in a timely manner 2 points will be removed from their test score.
2. Five bonus points are available for those who draw a good educational diagram of one of the concepts we have been studying within the unit. For example, Unit one contains two chapters, so an educational drawing from either chapter's content could be drawn and turned in at the beginning of the class period of the unit test. It should be an educational picture with labels and color drawn on a blank 11.5 by 8 inch paper.
3. See "classroom emergencies" statement 5 for other bonus points available

Tests: During any quiz or test please:
1. Make sure all assignments are turned in before taking the test, or no credit will be given.
2. Make sure you have turned in your notebook & review questions at beginning of class for grading. If turned in afterwards, half credit will be given.
3. Close textbook and notebooks and place all materials (except for pencil, pen and eraser) in a pile on the middle of the desk to separate yourself from your partner.
4. When you have finished the test, do not leave the room, move back to a study booth and quietly study there. (If you leave 2 emergencies will be recorded).
5. Remember to pick up any graded assignments from your box. Contents remaining in boxes will be discarded at the end of the day each Wednesday.
6. Tests must be taken during the time that they are scheduled. 20 % per school day will be deducted from a test taken late except: 1) With a parents note excusing you from school for a serious illness or 2) in the case of an official school field trip (you must pre- arrange a test taking time with me).
7. If you are absent on the day before the test you are still expected to write the test as scheduled.

Classroom "Emergencies": If you need to leave the room for any reason, you may simply fill out a hall pass and leave according to these instructions:
1. Only one person at a time may leave the room.
2. You must return in a reasonable length of time (about 5 min.), or an absence will be recorded.
3. Fill out the "Pass or Consultation Slip" then leave quietly without disrupting the class in any way.
4. You have five emergencies per half semester. A "referral" will be issued when this limit is exceeded.
5. If you keep all five, or some emergencies per half semester, then two bonus points per emergency not used will be given to test points.

Classroom Integrity and Honor:
The best rule of thumb is:
"What would Jesus do?":
1. Cheating of any type is totally unacceptable. (Remember a "referral" for academic dishonesty is serious and has considerable consequences. Also a zero will be given for that assignment/test).
2. Copying another person's homework assignment is cheating & will be treated as such.
3. Purposely giving an assignment for someone to copy is also cheating and will be treated as such.

Materials Needed:
1. Binder with two divisions - one section for notes, the other for labs.
2. Three holed lined paper - for taking classroom notes.
3. Bible, textbook, pen, pencil, eraser, colored pencils, metric ruler & calculator.

Additional Help: Please seek my assistance during class or lab by raising your hand and asking your question. Also:

1. Have a study partner from the class (Your lab partner may be this person). Ask this person for help first before asking me. This way I will be available to help more students.
2. I am available after school from 3:15 till 3.45 pm. On some days I may be available until 4:15 pm.
3. If possible try to come after school but if you are unable to obtain help after school, please call me at home (473 -2606) between 7:30 pm and 8:00 pm, Sunday through Thursday evenings.
4. Because I am available to help you at these times, do not come to me just before the assignment is due and say "I don't understand so this is not complete". I usually do not have time just before class to help with assignments.
5. Lab partners should look out for each other. Pick up labs for lab partner if he/she is absent. Also relay any announcements to your lab partner, that your lab partner may have missed.


Biology is much more than memorizing facts. A key element of biology is the understanding of principles and concepts. Please ask questions until you understand the concept rather than just memorizing a list of facts. Biology is a fascinating subject and can teach you so much about the world you live in. It is fun!!

Schedule: Please See Pages five through eight for schedule.

Test dates for each chapter or unit will be written on the chalkboard at the beginning of that chapter.

Some tests are "open book tests" and are scheduled on specific days during the year when school tours are occurring. If you are on one of the tours and/or will be absent on the day of the test, then you can write the test at any time of the year up to the Friday the week before you will be absent. This will make it easier for students who will be gone on tour(s).

Homework Policy

Why I Assign Homework:

Homework plays an important role in education. It reinforces the material learned in class, prepares students for upcoming classes, teaches them to work independently, promotes students responsibility, and aids in evaluation of performance. It has been demonstrated in scientific studies that consistent homework increases learning.

When Homework Will Be Assigned:
Homework will be assigned almost every school day. A good portion of it can be completed during class time or study hall. If time is used wisely it should take students no more than one half additional hour. (Excluding long term projects, or nights before tests). Most homework will reinforce material that has already been taught in class.

Tests will be administered periodically, (usually after each chapter). Students will be informed of the test date at the beginning of that chapter.

Student's Homework Responsibilities:
- All assignments are to be completed by the next school day and are to be handed in at the beginning of that class period, (except for long term projects).
- Homework must be turned in on time. Half credit will be given for late work. (I want to emphasize personal responsibility. You choose the grade you receive by turning your homework in on time or late).
- Students are responsible for making up homework missed due to excused absence. No credit will be given for work turned in after the beginning of the test for that chapter.
- Work must be completed neatly and in the proper format.

Parent's Homework Responsibilities:
Parents are the key to making homework a positive, productive experience for their children. Therefore, I ask that you make his or her homework a top priority. A definite, scheduled time each evening is needed for its completion. This should be a quiet time when television and music are off. (Research has shown that students learn more quickly and retain the information longer when they study in a quiet atmosphere). Mini-breaks are helpful during this time (e.g. walk or jog for a couple of minutes). Assignment books are very helpful to assist him/her in learning to plan and schedule.
If you discover your child is spending an unusual amount of time studying for this class please get involved in an effort to make the student's efforts more efficient. One thing to look out for is procrastination. I try to set a reasonable pace throughout the chapter. However, if your child puts off doing assignments till the night before the test he/she will have an unusual amount of homework and will feel overwhelmed. If you have any questions or concerns about homework or any aspect of the class please contact me at 471 -6179 or e-mail

Teacher's Homework Responsibilities:
My grader or myself will check all homework and keep a record of assignments completed & of those which were not. This homework will be returned in a timely manner (usually the next school day) so that students can monitor their progress in the class. I will help students who have difficulty with the homework assignments. Because I strongly believe in the value that positive support plays in motivating students to develop good study habits, I will praise students when they consistently complete their homework in a timely manner.

Schedule For Biology Assignments and Tests

(Homework is due the beginning of class the next school day)

(Notebook and section review questions for each chapter are due at the beginning of each chapter test class period).

(Please look at the last page of this course outline for dates of long term projects, and dates of special activities throughout the school year that will be inserted into the midst of the the following biology class schedule. )

Day Sections Assigned Experiment

1 1-1 to 1-1f 10-1-1f
2 1-2 to 1-2a 10-1-2a
3 1-2b to 1-2d 10-1-2d
4 1-3 to 1-3c 10-1-3c
5 1-4 to 1-4b 10-1-4b
6 1-4c 10-1-4c
7 1-4d to 1-4e 10-1-4e
8 test 1 safety contract

9 2-1 to 2-1b 10-2-1b
10 2-1c to 2-1d 10-2-1d
Ch. 1 homeletter given to student.
11 2-1d to 2-2 10-2-2
12 2-2a to 2-2b 10-2-2b
13 2-2c to 2-3a 10-2-3a
14 2-3b to 2-3f 10-2-3f
15 2-4 to 2-4b 10-2-4b
16 2-4c to 2-4d 10-2-4d
17 test 2 study for unit test

18 Unit (ch. 1 - 2) --

19 7-1 to 7-1b 10-7-1b
20 7-1c to 7-2b 10-7-2b
Ch. 2 homeletter given to student.
21 7-2c to 7-2d 10-7-2d
22 7-2e to 7-3a 10-7-3a
23 7-3b & 7-3d 10-7-3d
24 7-3c & 7-3e 10-7-3e
25 7-4 to 7-4c 10-7-4c
26 test 7 skill activity pg. 27

27 8-1 to 8-2a 10-8-2a
28 8-2b to 8-3a 10-8-3a
Ch. 7 homeletter given to student.
29 8-3b to 8-3c 10-8-3c
30 8-3d to 8-3e 10-8-3e
31 test 8 R/N 9-1 & 9-1a

32 9-1b to 9-1c 10-9-1c
33 9-1d to 9-1d 10-9-1d
Ch. 8 homeletter given to student.
34 9-2 to 9-2a 10-9-2a
35 9-2b to 9-2e 10-9-2e
36 test 9 Adjust Reading Rate

37 10-1 to 10-1a 10-10-1a
38 10-2 to 10-2c no homework
Ch. 9 homeletter given to student.
39 10-2d to 10-3 10-10-3
40 10-3a to 10-3c 10-10-3c
41 test 10 study for unit test

42 Unit (ch. 7-10) R/N 11-1 & 11-1a Part

43 11-1a to 11-1c 10-11-1c
44 11-2 to 11-2d 10-11-2d
Ch. 10 homeletter given to student.
45 11-3 to 11-3a 10-11-3a
46 11-3b to 11-3d 10-11-3d
47 11-4 to 11-4a 10-11-4a
48 11-4b to 11-4d 10-11-4d
49 11-5 to 11-5b 10-11-5b
50 test 11 R/N 12-1 & 12-1a

51 12-1b to 12-1d 10-12-1d
52 12-2 to 12-2b 10-12-2b
Ch. 11 homeletter given to student.
53 12-3 to 12-3c 10-12-3c
54 12-3d to 12-3e 10-12-3e
55 12-3f to 12-3h 10-12-3h
56 12-4 to 12-4b 10-12-4b
57 12-5 to 12-5c no lab, study for test
58 test 12 study skill pg. 19

59 14-1 to 14-1b 10-14-1b
60 14-1c to 14-2a 10-14-2a
61 14-2b to 14-2d 10-14-2d
62 14-3 to 14-3d 10-14-3d
63 test 14 no homework

64 Unit (Ch. 11, 12, 14)
This will occur during Exam week

65 35-1 to 35-1b 10-35-1b
66 35-2 to 35-2b 10-35-2b
Ch. 14 homeletter given to student.
67 35-2b to 35-2c 10-35-2c

------approximate end of semester one ------

68 35-3 to 35-3b 10-35-3b
69 35-3c to 35-3d 10-35-3d
70 35-5 to 35-4a 10-35-4a
71 35-4b to 35-5 10-35-5
72 35-5a to 35-5b 10-35-5b
73 test 35 R/N 36-1 & 36-1a

74 36-1b to 36-1c 10-36-1c
75 36-1d to 36-1e 10-36-1e
Ch. 35 homeletter given to student.
76 36-2 to 36-2b 10-36-2b
77 36-2c to 36-2d 10-36-2d
78 36-3 to 36-3b 10-36-3b
79 test 36 R/N 37-1 & 37-1a

80 37-1b 10-37-1b
81 37-1b to 37-1c 10-37-1c
Ch. 36 homeletter given to student.
82 37-1d to 37-2 10-37-2
83 37-2a to 37-2c 10-37-2c
84 37-3 to 37-3b 10-37-3b
85 37-3c to 37-3d 10-37-3d
86 37-3e to 37-3f 10-37-3f
87 test 37 study for unit test

88 Unit (Ch. 35 - 37) R/N 38-1

89 38-1a to 38-1b 10-38-1b
90 38-1b to 38-1c 10-38-1c
Ch. 37 homeletter given to student.
91 38-2 to 38-2b 10-38-2b
92 38-2c to 38-2d 10-38-2d
93 38-2e to 38-3a 10-38-2f
94 38-3b to 38-3d 10-38-3d
95 test 38 R/N 39-1 & 39-1a

96 39-1b to 39-1d 10-39-1d
97 39-1e to 39-1f 10-39-1f
Ch. 38 homeletter given to student.
98 39-2 to 39-2c 10-39-2c
99 39-2d to 39-2g 10-39-2g
100 test 39A R/N 39-3 & 39-3a
101 39-3b to 39-3c 10-39-3c
102 39-3d to 39-4a 10-39-4a
103 39-4b to 39-4c 10-39-4d
104 39-4d to 39-4f 10-39-4g
105 test 39B study for unit test

106 Unit(ch. 38, 39, with ch. 40 open)

107 Invert. 1 to 5 10-I-6
108 Invert. 7 to 11 10-I-12
Ch. 39 homeletter given to student.
109 Invert. 13 to 19 10-I-20
110 Invert. 21 to 26 10-I-27
111 Invert. 28 to 34 10-I-34
112 no notes finish 10-I-34
113 test Invert. A no homework
114 Invert. 35 to 39 10-I-40
115 Invert. 41 to 46 10-I-47
116 Invert. 48 to 56 10-I-52, give 10-I-57
117 Invert. 58 to 61 10-I-62
118 Invert. 63 to 68 10-I-69
119 test Invert. B no homework

120 Vert. 1 to 5 10-V-6
121 Vert. 7 to 11 10-V-12
Invertebrate homeletter given to student.
122 Vert. 13 to 18 finish 10-V-12
123 no notes 10-V-19
124 Vert. 20 to 23 10-V-24
125 Vert. 25 to 28 10-V-29
126 Vert. 30 to 31 finish 10-V-31
127 test Vert. A no homework
128 Vert. 32 to 36 10-V-37
129 Vert. 38 to 45 10-V-46
130 Vert. 47 to 52 10-V-53
131 Vert. 54 to 60 10-V-61
132 Vert. 62 to 67 10-V-68
133 test Vert. B no homework

134 Plants 1 to 6 10-P-7
135 Plants 8 to 14 10-P-15
Vertebrate homeletter given to student.
136 Plants 16 to 21 10-P-22
137 Plants 23 to 29 10-P-30
138 Plants 31 to 45 10-P-36
139 Plants 37 to 41 10-P-42
140 Plants 43 to 46 10-P-47
141 Plants 48 to 51 10-P-52
142 Plants 53 to 58 10-P-59
143 Plants 60 to 67 10-P-68
144 test Plants
This will occur during Exam week

------approximate end of semester two ------

Please look at the next page of this course outline for dates of long term projects, and dates of special activities throughout the school year that will be inserted into the midst of the previous biology class schedule.

Dates For Biology Long Term Projects & Open Book Testing

Open Book Chapter Test Dates

Activity Date Event
Test 3 Oct. 1, 2004 Lake Union Leadership Conference
Video Ch. 13 Nov. 23, 2004 Before Thanksgiving
Test 13 Nov. 24, 2004 Half day, noon dismissal (Thanksgiving)
Test 4 Jan. 21, 2005 Winter Bible Camp
Video Ch. 19 Feb. 17, 2005 Silhouette Tour
Test 19 Feb. 18, 2005 Silhouette Tour
Video Ch. 20 Feb. 24, 2005 LUC Instrumental Music Clinic
Test 20 Feb. 25, 2005 LUC Instrumental Music Clinic
Video Ch. 21 March 31, 2005 Band Tour
Test 21 April 1, 2005 Band Tour, also Week of Prayer Retreat
Test 5 April 8, 2005 Chorale Tour
Test 6 April 22, 2005 Orchestra/Bell Tour
Note: For some chapters we will only be doing an open book test, some chapters will also have a video to watch in preparation for the open book test. This will enable students to be somewhat familiar with the contents of the chapter, and give us more time to have a deeper understanding of the other chapters not listed above. This also allows students to plan (well in advance) for when they may be absent due to a school tour. If you are going to be gone any of the dates listed above, you will need to have the test and the lab (if applicable) completed by the Friday the week before the tour date. You can take the tests and/or labs listed above anytime that you arrange with Mr. Atkins, from the beginning of the school year to the Friday before the date listed for that event.

Long Term Project Dates

Date Assignment
April 1 Book Report On - “The Earth - Origins and Early History”, assigned fall.
April 22 22 Things You Have Done To Save The Earth, assigned winter.
Spring Exams Bug collection, assigned spring.

Dec. Exams Portfolio binder, plastic sheets, two completed pages using TEA,
with 2 artifacts to possibly use in portfolio (30 points)
Unit (ch. 38-40) Portfolio binder, plastic sheets, four completed pages using TEA,
with 4 artifacts to possibly use in portfolio (48 points)
May 4, 2004 Portfolio binder, plastic sheets, five completed pages using TEA,
with 5 artifacts to possibly use in portfolio (59 points)
Note: Everyone in the class will be starting their portfolios. These beginnings will be part of your biology grade. Everyone will complete their portfolios by the first of April their senior year. At this time a portfolio review committee will examine the portfolios to see if they meet the requirements as listed in the "Portfolio Grading" sheet. This is a requirement for Graduation. To help each student start the process of making their own portfolios there will be deadlines throughout this school year when certain steps of portfolio are to be completed as listed above. These points will be applied to your review questions and quizzes category of your grade.

-2 per day

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