What makes I, Miriam, exist

Miriam, Young-Eul, Young-Eun, lips, music, free, happy, sad, pictures, drums, friends, flowers, red, pink, yellow, mom, sister, dad, grandmas-sadly I don't have any grandpas, hate studying, singing out loud where I feel comfortable enough, pasta, lines, sleep, grumpy at times, AU, JR, yeppy my dog - means something pretty in Korea ,boredom, rain, eat, go downtown, Korean, kimchee, flute, hate darkness, dogs, sunny days, my bed, hair, bright colors, bite nails, cook, games, warrock, kart, not-exercising, travel, finding weird parts in food, zzolmyun, corn, talk-talk : nate.com, curiosity, cyworld, (list to be continued)

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