Publications and Presentations
by Charles H. Tidwell, Jr.

    The following conference presentations and publications are available as part of my web page.

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Legos in Classroom
"Legos in the Classroom?"  Teaching Computer Programming to Advanced High School Students"  A paper presented at the Hawaii International Business Conference, June 18 -22, 2002. [co-authored with William Greenley]

Trinidad Culture
Trinidad and Tobago:  Customs and Issues Affecting International Business.  Reaching The World: International, Intercultural, and Ethical Issues:  A Conference for SDA Business Teachers, Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI, June 28, 2001 

Feature Films in Classroom "Gung Ho and Other Movies:  Using Feature Films in Intercultural Communication Courses."  National Communication Association Conference, Seattle, WA, 11 Nov 2000.

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Film-based Group Projects
"Fools Rush In": Developing Cross-Cultural Sensitivity Using Film-Based Group Projects. ERIC.  August 2002.  Bloomington, IN:  ERIC Clearinghouse on Reading, English, & Communications.  (ERIC Document Reproduction Service No. ED 460901)

Developing SE "Developing Software Education Across International and Cultural Boundaries: A Case Study."  Proceedings of the  International Conference on Engineering and Computer Education.  August 2000. [co-authored with James Wolfer] 

One Family, Two Centuries "One Family, Two Centuries of Adventist Education."  The Journal of Adventist Education, 62:5 (Summer 2000), 22, 60.

Seven Churches "To the Seven Churches, Write . . . " [One poem].  Spectrum:  The Journal of the Association of Adventist Forums, 28.1 (2000), 34-35.

AU Experience  "School of Business Graduate Off-Campus Programs: The Andrews University Experience," Andrews University School of Business, Working Papers Series 1, September 1998.

Culture "Understanding Other Cultures: A Necessity for Adventism Today." The Journal of Adventist Education, 60.1 (October / November 1997): 36-40.

Parable "From Robber's Den to House of Prayer for All" [A Commentary on Matthew 21:12-16].  Collegiate Quarterly, 18.4 (October - December 1995): 66-67.

Children "True Children" [A Commentary on 1 Timothy and Titus].  Collegiate Quarterly, 16.3 (July - September 1993): 10-11.

September Sabbath
Still Life
"September Sabbath," "Still Life," and "Pastoral" [Three poems]. Blue Buffalo: A Magazine of Recent Alberta Writing, 2.1 (1983).

Cape Cod
"Cape Cod," and "Cross-country" [Two poems]. Spectrum: A Quarterly Journal of the Association of Adventist Forums, 7. 4 (1976).

Sanctuary "Sanctuary" [One poem]. Spectrum: A Quarterly Journal of the Association of Adventist Forums, 3.4 (1971).