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            K I N D E R G A R T E N - G R A D E   3

          A r t s   and   C r a f t s   P r o j e c t s
      Scribbles Kids Art Site - (Kindergarten - Grade 8)

      • thoughtfully created site where children can make a simple
        line drawing
      • learn about the color wheel
      • read up on famous artists
      • enter contests, and much more
      • Scribbles also offers an age-appropriate gallery where
        young artists can view or submit work
          SLJ Fall 2004, p 27

      Switch Zoo - (Kindergarten - up)

      • children can design their own imaginary animals
      • children can switch the animal's heads, trunks, etc.
      • a lot of fun site   SLJ Fall 2004, p 26

            G R A D E S   4 - 8

          A r t s   and   C r a f t s   P r o j e c t s
          S t a m p s  
      Art of Stamps

      • who decides what picture go on a stamp
      • what do the backgrounds of the pictures represent
      • includes a huge gallery devoted to the stamp art
        of the U.S. Postal Service
          SLJ Fall 2004, p. 50

            G R A D E S   9 - 12

      Book Arts

      • starting points
      • associations and organizations
      • schools, programs, and workshops
      • artists' books and online exhibits
      • paper arts
      • letterpress printing
      • journals / newsletters
      • electronic lists / discussion groups

wolfhard touchard, m.l.s. - retired reference & database librarian
andrews university   -   july 2008