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    f o r   t e a c h e r s

    Chemistry Coach = best !!!
  • Current Course Activities
  • Original Tutorials
  • Local Study Skills Pages
  • Pedagogy

    General Chemistry Online

  • Common Compound Library
    a searchable database of over 800 common compound names, formulas, structures, and properties
  • featured articles and tutorials
  • Toolbox
    Interactive graphing, popup tables, and calculators
  • Tutorials
    index of self-guided tutorials, quizzes, and drills on specific topics
  • Glossary a searchable, crosslinked collection of over 1000 chemical terms
    now with audio pronunciations
  • Trivia Quiz
    45 randomly selected trivia questions
  • Chemistry Exam Survival Guide
    Skills checklists and online self-grading examinations

    Interactive Textbook

  • textbook for an introductory course in chemistry, mathematics and physics
  • includes the Maple standard for teaching calculus

    Resource Lists for Chemistry Teaching

    LookSmart - Chemistry

  • all Subjects
  • models & simulations
  • projects / experiments
  • chemical substances
  • periodic table
  • terms & concepts
  • household chemistry

    a l l   -   g r a d e s

    Great Web Sites for Kids - ALA

    ChemWebOnline = K - 12

  • the chemistry site which does it all
  • if you are taking any Chemistry class, high school chemistry, A.P. level chemistry, or even college level chemistry, you will find this site to be an informative study helper
  • created where chemistry can be experienced
  • In order to make browsing easier, we have created three distinct levels for browsing this web site. They are:
    * 1) full blown graphics
    * 2) mid-range graphics, and
    * 3) text only
  • We realize that the world (unfortunately) does not have an ISDN connection for everyone, so we decided that this would make it easier on everyone
  • this page is written for Netscape web broswers, although it should be accessible to those with Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Mosaic
  • so get ready to enter...ChemWeb Online

    Proton Don = K - 12
  • "In this interactive Periodic Table quiz, students are presented with a copy of the Table and asked to identify various elements
  • the game is available with different levels of difficulty; matching symbols to elements and vice versa
  • a record is made of correct answers. Feedback is immediate and motivational."

    Chemistry Drill and Practice Tutorials = K - 12
  • "Online interactive chemistry problems here are divided into drill and practice, and word problems
    the wide range of topics provides a comprehensive tutorial environment for chemistry students
  • the tutorials begin with matter and measurement, elements and atoms, and move to more advanced topics

    The IrYdium Project = K - 12
  • "a new approach to the use of computers in chemical education...Chemistry applets and concept tests"

    p r e   -   k i n d e r g a r t e n


    k - g r a d e   3

  • users can select topics can be saved into a File Basket, downloaded, and printed
  • the interactive pages are particularly fun - especially the History of Washing
  • the glossary in the side menu provides definitions for numerous chemicals and terms

    g r a d e s   4 - 8

    Knowledge Explorer Network - 10 excellent links !!!


  • A brief overview of chemistry, the study of matter and how it changes and interacts with other matter
  • Covers matter, elements, atoms, reactions, and
  • and describes different types of chemistry ranging from biochemistry to physical chemistry - ALA

    Science in the Box

  • covers a range of interesting and entertaining topics!
  • created to share the science behind Proctor & Gamble's laundry and cleaning products with a focus on addressing sustainable practices and products which embrace social responsibility as well as environmental practices
  • The interactive pages are particularly fun - especially the history of washing
  • The glossary in the side menu provides definitions for numerous chemicals and terms
  • Product safety sheets can get pretty technical; so there's something for everyone here on a subject that we might not give much thought - KNE

    Science Is Fun

  • the master of chemical demonstrations
  • University of WisconsinMadison chemistry professor Bassam Z. Shakhashiri shares the fun of science through a chemical of the week and home science activities - ALA

    Schlumberger Excellence in Educational Development

  • offers learners a real world, real people context in which to develop their interest and excitement about science
  • includes articles about scientists and projects, experiments, teacher's guides, and an "Ask an Expert" feature - KNE

    Strange Matter

  • find out what cell phones are made of
  • look at aluminum atoms, and
  • if you are interested in what things are made of, this is the site for you! - ALA

    Eric Weisstein's World of Science

  • includes: "budding encyclopedias" of astronomy (587 entries), scientific biography (1,069 entries), chemistry (495 entries), physics (2,695 entries), and math (11,364 entries)
  • also includes a search engine, cross-references, figures, and occasional animated graphics or Java applets


  • Products we have around our classrooms and houses can be used for many things
  • Did you know that ChapStick can make a zipper operate more smoothly, or
  • the Glad Flexible Straws can help start a bottle of ketchup
  • This list is a great starting point if you want students to learn more about the scientific process

    g r a d e s   9 - 12

    Knowledge Network Explorer - 28 excellent links !!!

          r e f e r e n c e

c a l c u l a t o r s

    Buffers for pH Control - A Calculator
    Sheffield ChemPuter

g r a p h i c s

    Graphics and Visualizations

s a f e t y

    School Safety: Labs and Experiments
    Safety and Environment

t a b l e s

    The Pictorial Periodic Table
    Chemistry: Periodic Table

    Chemicool Periodic Table
    Periodic Tables and Related Material

    The Periodic Table of the Elements on the Internet

  • includes a detailed version of the periodic table
  • illustrations of the atomic structure of each element, and
  • links to additional information - ALA

t u t o r i a l s


  • "Basic chemistry help is available here for high school or college students
  • Chemtutor begins with the fundamentals and gives expert help with the most difficult phases of understanding your first course in chemistry
  • Chemtutor is not necessarily a complete text for your course or a complete outline, but we are proud to offer some insightful help in the parts of primary chemistry that have been, from our experience, the hardest for students to grasp"

          s u b j e c t s

g e n e r a l

  • learn = Chempire's Online Textbook
  • practice = Interactive randomly-generated practice excercises. Teachers can use these as homework, students can use them to study.
  • students = Information for students concerning how you are scored in addition to ways for getting your teacher involved in Chempire. Also contains links for students
  • teacher = Allows teachers to register their email addresses with Chempire. Contains information on how to implement Chempire in the classroom. Also contains links appropriate for teachers


a n a l y t i c a l   c h e m i s t r y

    Statistics for Analytical Chemistry

b i o c h e m i s t r y

    Bio Chemistry Hub

Wolfhard Touchard, M. L. S. Retired Reference & Database Librarian
Andrews University - July 2008