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Daniel Wildemann

The connection between Daniel Wildemann’s two passions – art and theology – began as a kid in Germany, when he and his brother started drawing cartoons of the pastor in church. Daniel’s love of cartoons and his ability to find humor in everyday life has followed him through out life. Inspired by those around him, Daniel grew up drawing cartoons of his friends, teachers, and co-workers, and has created a collection of about 20 complete comic books.

After high school, Daniel decided to focus seriously on his art and took on a three-year practicum in an advertising company where he received hands-on experience in various artistic forms - drawing, cutting, displays, and graphic design.

During his last year of practicum, Daniel experienced a change in his spiritual life and a desire to find answers to his questions about God. At summer camp that year he met a friend who told him about a one-year program for those who wanted to learn more about the Bible at Seminar Schloss Bogenhofen in Austria. Thinking this would be a good opportunity to find some answers to his questions, Daniel decided to enroll and headed off to study at Bogi.

His one study year at Bogi had such a powerful impact on his life that he decided to stay.  The one year turned into five, and Daniel graduated with a Bachelor of Theology degree in 2003.

After graduation, Daniel took a year off and worked, saving money and making plans. He knew he wanted to get a master’s degree and that he wanted to come to the United States, he just wasn’t sure where.

That somewhere would be Andrews University. Currently, Daniel is working on an MA in religion with an emphasis in church history and sees himself as more of a potential teacher rather than a pastor.

“I love to study the lives of great men of God,” Daniel explains. “I’ve always been interested in history, looking to the past and seeing how we can apply what we’ve learned to the present time.”

And what about his art? Daniel’s love of art and comics still plays an important role in his life. He has merged his passion for ministry with his love for art in the creation of his comic strip “Deeply Rooted,” a parable of a young tree who breaks free from his roots in order to explore the world. Currently, Daniel is working on an English script for the comic and is hoping to find a publisher.

To see some examples of Daniel’s art work, log onto his website at

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