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Jon Ericsson

When the government decided to make changes in housing regulations that would affect his physical therapy clinic, Jon Ericsson decided it was time to try something different.
So, after three years of owning his own private clinic, he made what he says was "a kind of random decision," packed up, left his native Iceland, and headed across the Atlantic to Andrews University. There he would follow his second passion and study for his master's in youth ministry.

Coming to Andrews and the United States was a "very weird" experience for Jon. With only 550 Adventists in secular Iceland, coming to the Berrien Springs community, surrounded by Adventists from across the country and around the world, was quite a contrast and required time to adjust. 

Despite the fact that he doesn't have a car and most things are a little too far to get to on his bicycle, Jon has indeed fallen for this Midwestern village. Showing true signs of a potential Michigander, one of the things Jon likes most about life here are the four seasons. But most of all, Jon loves Andrews. "I love my teachers, the experiences I'm having in the classroom, the subjects I'm taking--everything. It's been a huge blessing."

Jon isn't expecting to have a paid ministerial position when he graduates and returns to Iceland. In fact, he'll probably go back to being a physical therapist, but through the training and knowledge he's gained during his time at Andrews, he hopes to make an impact on the youth in his community.

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