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What's New! - Last updated on 4/24/1998, at 11:33pm.

Welcome to Warp's Entrepreneur Page


Entrepreneur is a refreshing new realtime strategy game from Stardock Systems, Inc. In Entrepreneur players start their own companies, the object of the game being to put the competition out of business. The game consists of three main areas--production, research, and marketing--which are dealt with in detail in the Game Walkthrough.

The basic gameplay of Entrepreneur consists of researching potential new markets, building your products (computers in the base game), researching new technologies, and selling your products at a reasonable profit. The players choose which areas of the world to sell their products in by sending their salesmen to those regions. Marketing campaigns also play a huge role in the game, and are strategically extremely important. Gameplay is enhanced greatly through the use of Direct Action Cards (DACs), which cause events to occur, situations to change, and fun-factor skyrocket.


Some of the aspects of the game that I would call features are: Okay, maybe that last one isn't really a feature, but it's true nonetheless! :)

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What's New

4-24-98 A lot is happening in Entrepreneur land. The game has landed in most of the popular software stores. The 1.1 update has been out for some time. The 1.2 enhancements are on the way (although no date has been announced yet). Ent is generating a lot of discussion in the newsgroups ( and Stardock is releasing all kinds of goodies for ent, including new maps, the map creation kit, and (as of yesterday) the automobile industry, although it is still listed as being beta. says that it cannot be used for multiplayer yet. :(

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