Speaking Appointments

Dr. Damsteegt is available for weekend speaking appointments on the following topics:


Foundations of the SDA Message and Mission (3 to 4 presentations)

The Prophetic Rise of the Three Angels’ Messages (3 to 4 presentations)

The Three Angels’ Messages and the Mission of the Adventist Church (3 to 4 presentations)

A Revelation of Jesus for the Time of the End. (3 to 4 presentations)

The Remnant of Bible Prophecy (3 to 4 presentations)

Experiencing the Spirit of the Adventist Pioneers (3 to 4 presentations)

The Elijah of the Advent Movement

The Rise, Acceptance, and Impact of the Prophetic Gift in the Remnant Church (1 to 3 presentations)

The Testimony of Jesus and its impact on the SDA Church (1 presentation)

The Rise of the Advent Movement and the Message of the Sanctuary for Today (3 presentations)

How to Experience Revival and Reformation (3 to 4 presentations)

How Shall the Last Generation Live? (3 to 4 presentations)

How to Be Ready for the Second Advent (3 to 4 presentations)

Living in the Light of the Second Advent (3 to 4 presentations)

The Faith of Jesus and the Last Generation (1 presentation)

How To Know the Truth and Find Your Mission in Life (1 to 2 presentations)

The Biblical Model of Local Church Leadership (3 to 4 presentations)

Women’s Ordination and the Bible (2 to 3 presentations)

Dynamics of Medical Missionary Ministry (3 to 4 presentations)

How Health Reform Was Adopted by the SDA Church (1 to 2 presentations)

The Role of Health Reform in the Time of the End (2 to 4 presentations)

Health and Sanctification (1 to 2 presentations)

Ministers and Health Reform (1 presentation)

The Great Disappointment Experience of 1844 (2 to 3 presentations)

Blessings from the 1844 Great Disappointment (2 to 4 presentations)

The New Light from the Sanctuary in 1844 (2 to 4 presentations)

The Sanctuary Doctrine under Attack (2 to 3 presentations)

How to Be Safe from Last Day Deceptions (2 to 4 presentations)

Experience of God’s People after the Close of Probation (1 presentation)

The Image of the Beast (1 to 2 presentations)

The Antichrist of Prophecy and History (2 presentations)

The Number 666 (1 presentation)

Issues in Prophetic Interpretation (2 to 4 presentations)

Issues in Adventist Lifestyle (2 to 4 presentations)

How to Prepare for the Latter Rain (2 to 4 presentations)

The Latter Rain and the Loud Cry (2 to 4 presentations)

Sanctification and the Sabbath: How to Keep the Sabbath Holy (2 to 4 presentations)

How to Receive the Seal of the Living God (1 to 4 presentations)

The Sealing of Revelation 7:1-4. (1 presentation)

How the Change of the Biblical Day of Rest from Sabbath to Sunday Came About (2 to 4 presentations)

For information and scheduling, contact: damsteeg@andrews.edu