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My fanfic debut. Apparently it went over rather well with Sonic fans. Bunnie gets her tail saved by a stranger who is a key to Sally's past. Boldly goes where Ken Penders tried to go in the Sally miniseries before the corporate types at Sega slapped him down. Voluntarily rated PG-13 for a closing sequence that surprised even me when I thought it up.

Capture The Flag
This story started out as a question: "What were the Freedom Fighters like when they were growing up in Knothole after the fall of Mobitropolis?" I had some fun writing this one. Rated G.

A Matter Of Trust
I had two serious motivations when writing this one: I wanted to introduce a Mobian who was a badger (I'd recently reread Kenneth Graehme's "The Wind In The Willows" and wanted to do an homage to Mr. Badger), and I wanted to work in a wrestling sequence. Sonic runs into an old friend, but that friendship is sorely tested. Rated PG for one violent death.

Space Case
"Space Case" began with a mental image I couldn't shake out of my head: that of a body being dumped from a hover unit onto a trash heap. A mysterious young stranger, who apparently knows more than he's saying, may be able to explain why Robotnik's operations have temporarily ground to a halt. Barely rated PG for a discussion of physical abuse.

My Quills Are Quick
After reading a Sonic parody story written after the style of Conan the Barbarian, I thought I'd try my hand with a parody of a Mickey Spillane-type story. The Sonic crew are in San Francisco, circa 1944. A missing person case leads Sonic Spade, Private Eye, to uncover a diabolical plot. Rated PG-13 because one of the cast members is in "the entertainment field. Its oldest branch." In other words, some sexual innuendo.

When A Bunnie Meet A Bunnie
Ever since "The Good, The Bad, and The Hedgehog" and "When Hedgehogs Collide" by Mike Kanterovich and Ken Penders, I've found myself asking: Why have there been no references to the Bunnie on the "evil" Sonic's home world? If that world's Dr. Robotnik is such a good guy, does that mean that Bunnie's old bod would still be intact? So I had the two Bunnies displace each other. I also pondered what Snively, the Void, and Nicole would be like. I hope it wasn't what you expected. Rated PG-13 because the "evil" Sonic is something of a kink, and because there's talk between characters about drug use.

Mobius Apocalypse
One day I decided to try tying all the loose ends together and writing a story where the struggle with Robotnik comes to a climax. I kinda let myself go with this one. Very intense. Rated R for violent death, mutilation, and discussion of mating between two characters. File courtesy of Mastermind's fanfic archive.

The Body In Question
Credit goes to Jason Zelek for coming up with the idea for this one. He ran a story concept past me and I took it in another direction entirely. Bunnie is subjected to an experimental deroboticizing process but something goes wrong. VERY wrong! Rated PG for discussion and depiction of a naked furry...or is that a redundancy?

First Honor
It started with hearing about an ancient agrarian rite, and when I got through with it, it was the basis for a story. This takes place a short time after the events in "Capture The Flag." The Knothole Kids (catchy name, huh?) are planning something for the Mobian version of Mother's Day but Sonic doesn't want any part of it. And if the others go ahead without him, there could be serious trouble. Rated G despite a scary sequence, but it's probably nothing that R. L. Stine hasn't already done.

SallyQuest: Prologue
I was asked by Lane Kramer ( to write some stories concerning Sally's solo attempt to obtain the Crown of the Acorn Kings. Since the continuity has gotten so loose at Archie this plotline appears to have gone begging, I agreed. In this installment, Sally commits a desperate act, only to find herself facing something she's never encountered before. Rated G at this point because it's all talk and no action -- yet!

Sally finds herself in another place (maybe) and another time. She runs into friends and enemies, old and new, while uncovering a dark secret. Voluntarily rated PG-13 for adult themes.

SallyQuest: Epilogue
Sally finds herself back at the Hall of Limbo. Are the Ancient Walkers through with her? Rated G.

"She Knew That The Hand Was Upon Her"
Sonic fans have definite opinions about crossover stories (where Sonic et al. find themselves in situations and interacting with characters from another video game, film, or TV series): they either love the idea or hate the idea. I was a little shy about the concept myself until Ken Penders announced Sally's impending death in "Endgame" whereupon I found myself thinking: "A fall from a building--that's not how Sally deserves to die!" So I came up with a crossover story that contains elements of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" to depict how Sally SHOULD have died. It also allows me to peer into the future of Mobius a little bit. Rated PG.

It's Good News/Bad News when Sabina, Dulcy's "Ma", shows up at Knothole one day. The good news is: Dulcy is being reunited with her family; the bad news is: she may never be able to return to Knothole if she does. Since nobody has come forward with any details about the lives of Mobian dragons, I've stepped in to try to fill in the gaps myself. Rated G.

Runaway: Part 1
Runaway: Part 2
Runaway: Part 3
Keep a sandwich nearby when you read this story: it's a LONG one! Sonic rescues a young Mobian from danger, but he makes the lives of the Freedom Fighters more complicated. But things don't REALLY start happening until they take the youngster home to his parents. Rated R for adult themes and strong language (substitutions notwithstanding).

Back Upon Itself
It took some serious confusion on Archie's part concerning the ages of the royal sibs, Elias and Sally, to motivate me to start writing fanfic again. This is a mood piece, really, without much narrative. But I DO try to account for everybody's ages and the order of succession. Along the way I also work in an explanation of how Sally came by her nickname, and I even (Heaven help me!) try my hand at writing for Dr. Quack. Next project: Writing a story that utilizes the three-hours-in-the-future gimmick. This story is rated PG, but you won't find anything here you wouldn't see in a given episode of "E.R." or "Chicago Hope."

From Time To Time
Somewhere between "Endgame" (S50), where the concept of Knothole being in a temporal distortion three hours ahead of Mobitropolis was introduced and "Retro Activity" (S71) where Archie Comics said "Never mind," here's how many stories appeared that dealt with the temporal distortion in any way shape or form: zero. It's not that I thought that it was a good idea, or even a plausible one, but I wanted to see if SOME kind of story couldn't have been built around it. And since the Archie creatives weren't about to pick up the ball, I thought I'd give it a shot. So aside from being a monument to the Plot Point That Never Was, let this also serve as a reminder that writing time travel stories can really bite! Rated G if you don't count the dead bodies.

Zone Wars: Intervention
The thing that bothered me the most about Dan Slott's otherwise-admirable story, "Zone Wars: Giant Robotno" (Special #12) wasn't the depiction of the Knothole gang as Godzilla wanna-bes, or even the hard-core fatalism of the material. It was the fact that, having put Sonic in a position where he has to take a life, however inadvertantly, Slott walks away from the material as if nothing happened. Yet even in the most violent of anime the viewer is never given the impression that death is inconsequential. That's why I wrote this story: because I felt SOMEBODY had to pick up the pieces. Rated G.

The Gray Letter
I've long felt that Ken Penders's Forbidden Zone arc (K19-21) was loaded with back stories begging to be told. Of all the different strands, I pulled at one: what was it like when Elias first arrived and disrupted the lives of the Sommersbys? And what were they doing all this time at the Royal Compound? It's not a punch-kick action story, but I like to think I did a good job. Rated G.

An exchange between myself and Ian Flynn (aka Ian the Potto) on Ken Penders's message board became a personal challenge to myself: can I think up and write a comic script? Once the ground rules were accepted -- 5 parts with 6 pages each -- I began thinking and this is the result. It's primarily a Hope-Shadow story with guest appearances by Mina, Amy Rose, Robotnik and a pre-makeover Mecha. Pretty much rated G because I wrote this as something that could possibly run in the comic. Not that I expect anything to come of it.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

After a long fallow period, I wrote this one as part of a Secret Samta exchange over at the DeviantArt Web site. The recipient gave me permission to make it public, so here it is. Another Sonic Kids story, this one finds the major players on the cusp of puberty, around age 12. But the larger changes aren't just the ones taking place on the physical level. Rated PG13.

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