Jerry Moon, Ph.D.

Assoc. Prof. & Chair, Church History Department

Editor, Andrews University Seminary Studies

Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary
Andrews University








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Church History Department


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Andrews University Seminary Studies

Denis Fortin (EGW Writings, Section 001)

Ellen G. White Estate

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CHIS505 Survey of Church History



CHIS570 History of the Seventh-day Adventist Church

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EDFN515 History of SDA Education



GSEM547 Spiritual Formation Practicum



GSEM854 Ph.D. Dissertation Proposal Seminar



CHIS670 Seminar in the History of the SDA Church: 1915-1952



CHIS674 Development of SDA Theology

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CHIS640 Reformers and Reformation: Radical Reformation [Anabaptists]

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GSEM534 E. G. White Writings

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GSEM620 Research Methods

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GSEM790 D.Min. Dissertation Proposal Seminar



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Research and Writing Resources

Evaluation of Research Paper

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E. A. Sutherland and Madison College, 1904-1964: A Symposium. Edited and chapters 9 and 12 written by Jerry Moon. Berrien Springs, MI: By the author, 1989. 310 pp.

W. C. White and Ellen G. White: The Relationship between the Prophet and Her Son. Andrews University Doctoral Dissertation Series, vol. 19. Berrien Springs, MI: Andrews University Press, 1993.

"Lessons from the Adventist Pioneers in Dealing with Doctrinal Controversy." Adventist Theological Society Symposium, May 16, 1997, Berrien Springs, Michigan.

"Modern Martyrs: Faith at Any Cost: A Theological and Experiential Reflection on Christian Witness in the Midst of Persecution." Dialogue 10:1 (1998): 5-8, 19.

"Wrestling Till Dawn: Close Bible Study and Fervent Prayer Launched this Movement." Adventist Review, July 9, 1998, 12-14.

"Heresy or Hopeful Sign? Early Adventists' Struggle with the Truth about the Trinity." Adventist Review, April 22, 1999, 8-13.

"C. Mervyn Maxwell: An Academic Life Sketch." Journal of the Adventist Theological Society, 11/1-2 (2000): 2-10.

"How Long, O Lord? Wrestling with the Timing of the Advent." Adventist Review, March 29, 2001, 29-32.

"Ellen White's Role in Adventist Debates over the Trinity." Association of Seventh-day Adventist Historians, Triennial Meeting, Andrews University, April 13, 2001.

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Presentations & Papers

"Lessons from the Adventist Pioneers in Dealing with Doctrinal Controversy."
Sanctuary Bible Conference, June 11-12, Berrien Springs, Michigan;
Illinois Conference Pastors Retreat, August 12, 1997, Berrien Springs, Michigan;
Adventist Heritage Sabbath, October 11, 1997, Hiram Edson Barn, Port Gibson, New York.

"The 1848 Conferences: A Turning Point in Adventist History."
Sabbath and Sanctuary Conference, Bay Knoll SDA Church, Rochester, NY, August 21, 1998;
Centennial Celebration, SDA Church, Anderson, IN, Aug. 29, 1998.

"The 1848 Conferences: Six Essentials for Church Unity."
Sabbath and Sanctuary Conference, Bay Knoll SDA Church, Rochester, NY, August 22, 1998.

"The Historical Development of the Sabbath and Sanctuary Doctrines."
Sabbath and Sanctuary Conference, Bay Knoll SDA Church, Rochester, NY, August 22, 1998.

"The Adventist World, 1898-1905."
Centennial Celebration, SDA Church, Anderson, IN, August 28, 1998.

"Are you Saved? Should You Say So? Ellen White on Assurance."
North Pacific Union Ministerial Evangelism Convention, May 17-18, 2001.

"Ellen White's Role in the Development of the Adventist Doctrine of the Trinity."
North Pacific Union Ministerial Evangelism Convention, May 17-18, 2001.

"Ellen G. White and Popular Visual Media," 5 presentations
International Bible Conference, Bogenhofen Seminary, Austria, July 30-August 3, 2001.

"Panelist, Contemporary Issues Forum: "Pastors and Politics."
Black Student Association of the Seminary, September 21, 2001.

"John Harvey Kellogg of Battle Creek: The Social, Religious, and Medical Origins of His Health-Care Ideology."
Great Lakes History Conference, Grand Rapids, Michigan, September 30, 1994.

"Interpersonal Relationships in the Family of James and Ellen White." Ellen G. White Historical / Theological Consultation, Ellen G. White Estate, General Conference of SDA, June 18, 1998.

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1. Education
Ph.D., Andrews University, 1993 (Dissertation: "William Clarence (W.C.) White: His Relationship to Ellen G. White and Her Work,")
M.A. in History, Western Michigan University, 1997
M.Div., Andrews University, 1974
B.A. in Religion, Union College, 1971 Bible Conference, June 11-12, Berrien Springs, Michigan;

2. Areas of Interest
Adventist Studies, Development of SDA Theology, SDA History, Ellen G. White Studies, History of SDA Theology, Trinity, Anabaptist History and Theology.

3. Biographical Sketch eas of Interest
Jerry Moon
Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan 49104-1500
Phone: office 269-471-3541/3542
Fax: 269-471-6202
October 2006

Jerry Moon is chair of the Church History Department in the Seminary at Andrews University; editor of a theological journal, Andrews University Seminary Studies; and head elder of the St. Joseph, Michigan, Seventh-day Adventist Church. Jerry and wife Sue (Staples) graduated from Union College (1971-72) and spent 11 years in pastoral and evangelistic ministry. With Sue’s support, Jerry went on to Andrews University (M.Div., 1974, Ph.D., 1993) and joined the Seminary faculty in 1994.
Jerry’s favorite classes to teach are Writings of Ellen G. White, History of the SDA Church, and Development of SDA Theology. He has also taught History of SDA Education, Radical Reformation (sixteenth-century Anabaptists), and several other courses.
Jerry recently co-authored (with Woodrow Whidden and John W. Reeve) The Trinity: Understanding God’s Love, His Plan of Salvation, and Christian Relationships (Review and Herald, 2002). Jerry is also co-editor of The Ellen G. White Encyclopedia, forthcoming from Review and Herald. His dissertation, W. C. White and Ellen G. White: The Relationship between the Prophet and Her Son, was published by Andrews University Press in 1993.
Jerry enjoys reading, writing, and a variety of outdoor activities.

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CHIS570 History of the SDA Church


Lecture Outline

CHIS640 Reformers & Reformation:Radicals


Lecture Outline

CHIS674 Development of SDA Theology


Lecture Outline (EN)

Lecture Outline (SP)

GSEM534 E. G. White Writings

00 - Table of Contents

>>> Class Outlines (1-17) <<<

01 - Bio, Ellen Harmon to Age Sixteen

02 - Bio, Marriage, Motherhood, Ministry

03 - Literary Assistants

03a- Editorial Process

03b- Exibits of EGW's Literary Assistants

04 - Sacred and Common in RI

04a- Inspiration and Authorithy

04b- M. L. Andreasen and E. G. White

05 - Plagiarism Debate

05a- The Economist

05b- Examination of Five Issues, Coon

05c- Prophet or Plagiarist, F. & W.

05d- From Vision to Printed Page, Nix

06a- Hermeneutics 1

06b- Hermeneutics 2

06c- Hermeneutics 3

06d- Hermeneutics 4

07 - Role of EGW in Dev of SDA Doctrine

08 - Assurance Teaching Outline

08a- Assurance Lecture Outline

08b-The Cross and the More Abundant Life, A.

09 - Health Message, Coon

09a- Dinner at Elmshaven

09b- From cheese to Cheese Food, Wohleber

09c- Vegetarianism, Coon

09d- Mad Cow Quandary, Grady

09e- Mad Cow Desease in the USA

09g- The Golden Arches, Rafferty

09h- Health Fanaticism, Adventist N.N.

09i- Touching Our Picture of Health 14, Rafferty

09j- The Kingdom of God and Chicken-Foot, K.G

10 - Science, Controversial Statements

10a- EGW, Science and Faith, Coon (1)

10b- EGW, Faith and Doubt, Coon (2)

11a- Counsels to a Nervous Bridegroom, Coon

11b- True Sexual Morality, Heimbach

11c- A Personal Question

11d- Term Paper Excerpt by a Former Student

11e- Give Glory to God, Nies

12 - Prophecies in Proc. of Fufillment

12a- Handout - Prophecies in Proc. of Fufillment

13 - EGW as a Test of Fellowship, Coon

14 - Presenting EGW to Non-Adventist Inquirers

15 - Answer to anti-EGW Video

16 - Why I am SDA, Handouts and Charts

16a- Why I am SDA, Handouts and Full Charts

17 - Sanctuary Summary

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