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The H.M.S. Richards Lectureship
Biblical Preaching

The H.M.S. Richards Lectureship on Biblical Preaching is sponsored annually by the SDA Theological Seminary at Andrews University to advance the theory and practice of Bible-based, Christian preaching among seminarians, the professional clergy, and interested lay persons.

It was originally established in the Columbia Union Conference, in 1957 as a lectureship in preaching--especially for the benefit of Seventh-day Adventist ministers.

It was named after Elder H.M. S. Richards, Sr., who for years was considered the “Dean” of Adventist preachers, and was known and respected as a pioneer religious broadcaster--having been the founder and long-time speaker of the Voice of Prophecy radio program, a program that continues to this day.

Pastor Richards, himself, gave the first lectures in 1957, and again in 1966 and 1977. The lectureship continued on a near-annual basis until 1979, featuring the top preaching professionals in the church. Unfortunately it was discontinued for some 15 yrs.

In 1994 it was permanently restored as an annual lectureship on Biblical preaching under the sponsorship of the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan.

It now serves as an important resource for seminarians and Adventist pastors--as well as for preachers and Christian communicators in other denominations. In its new format, it is a lectureship on Biblical preaching and evangelism that features outstanding preachers both inside and outside the Adventist Church.

Recent presenters include:

1994- Wilber Alexander and Winton Beaven
1995- Ivan Blazen and Louis Venden
1996- Melvin Warren
1997- Walter Pearson
1998- Haddon Robinson
1999- Morris Venden
2000- Frank Ottati
2001- Henry Wright
2002- Eugene Lowry
2003- Hyveth Williams

*AUDIO & VIDEO tapes of the lectureship are made available for purchase each year. For further information on lectureship tapes please contact Jeanie Craig at (269) 471-6371.

Click Here for information regarding the 2004 speaker!

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