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New D.Min. Preaching Concentration

H.M.S Richards Lectureship

Andrews University

WEBCAT (On-campus D.Min.)

Recommended Resources & Internet Links

www.evangelicalhomiletics.com Evangelical Homiletics Society

www.homiletics.org/aboutah.shtml A North American society of scholars and teachers of preaching

www.preachingtoday.com PreachingToday.com

www.desperatepreachers.com Various Categories Search

www.deaconsil.com/index2.html Deacon Sil's Homiletic Resource Center and Homiletic Resources Website

www.voicings.com/cdrom.html Sermon Warehouse

www.preaching.com/preaching/index.shtml Preaching For Those Who Proclaim The Word

www.sermoncentral.com Sermon Central - Your Sermon Resource Resource Center

www.rockies.net/~spirit/sermon.html Sermons& Sermon - Lectionary Resources

www.nobs.org  Network of Biblical Storytellers

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