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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Staff Member Tells Sam Campbell's Story

by Becky St. Clair

In 2011, Terry Dodge, PC support specialist at Andrews University, took his family to Four Mile Lake near Three Lakes, Wisconsin. They paddled a canoe around the island and explored there, an adventure the whole family enjoyed.

The trip was inspired during family worship one evening when Dodge’s daughter asked who Sam Campbell was. It was then that Dodge really began thinking about the bigger picture answer to that question.

“A lot of Adventists know Sam’s name thanks to the Living Forest series he published,” says Dodge. “I think he became popular due to being such a big outdoor enthusiast and promoter. His message of enjoying nature is such a part of the Adventist Church that we easily and fully embraced his perspective of going out in nature and meeting God.”

Though Dodge found and read a book about Campbell’s life by Shandelle Henson, chair of the Department of Mathematics at Andrews University, he was unable to find much more.

“I figured since I enjoy filmmaking, why not tackle this myself?” says Dodge. “I wanted to celebrate Sam’s life and promote his message and invitation to come out to the wilderness, enjoy and preserve.”

An avid photographer since he was a child, Dodge felt there was always something missing in his photography ventures. When he realized what was missing was motion, he enrolled in filmmaking classes, shadowed anyone in the field who would let him tag along, and volunteered anywhere he could to get additional experience.

Today Dodge is only a year away from finishing his film documentary on Sam Campbell, and, alongside writers Steve Yahr and Alison Vilag, is also working on a biography.

Despite the large amount of time Dodge has spent working on these projects, there are still mysteries that surround the story of Sam Campbell. One, for example, is that of his military service.

Though there are records of Campbell’s draft just a few months before WWI ended, as well as his discharge a month to the day after the armistice, most of his records were destroyed in a fire a few years ago.

“We may not have a lot of detail, but there are indications that he did indeed integrate into the life of a military draftee,” says Dodge. “His attire of choice is one example; he liked high-top boots, dark shirts and short, dark khaki breeches. Basically a modified WWI uniform. He also mentions ‘KP duty’ in one of his stories, a military reference to a soldier’s assigned time to work in the kitchen.”

When asked, Dodge listed some of his wishes for putting together Sam’s story: A way to find or get back school records from his early childhood; access to details about his college career; locating Sam’s grandparents’ farm where he spent summers during his childhood; what remains of the things his wife Giny took with her when she moved following his death.

Studying Sam’s life has definitely had its share of perks, though. Dodge describes one of his most memorable experiences while on a trip to gather information.

“I sat on Sam’s pier; the sun had come up and the lake was glass. Duck hunting season started the day before, but no boaters had entered the lake nor had I heard any shots. I just sat there and watched the water and the trees and the sky, and soaked it all up in silence. The lighting was perfect and you could see the trees themselves and the reflections in the water perfectly. It was one of the most peaceful, beautiful moments I’ve experienced, and in that moment I truly began to feel I understood Sam’s deep attachment to this place.”

Dodge has met several individuals who had significant relationships with Sam and Giny, and each has contributed greatly to Dodge’s project. “Research will probably never end on this project,” he says. People continue to come out of the woodwork with stories and information, and Dodge readily admits he’s sure that will continue to happen.

Sam’s message about spending time in nature with God and with people speaks loudly to Dodge. He feels this idea is even more important today than it was back in Sam’s era, and has personally experienced a time when Sam’s writings helped bring healing and focus into a difficult time in his life.

“Life had gotten tough and I had begun to question a lot of things,” recalls Dodge. “I was really discouraged. I have always had a love of nature so I turned to Sam’s writings. There I found encouragement and an urging to go outside and spend more time finding God. That perspective and that positive influence was a huge help through those difficult situations. There’s a spiritual side that Sam brings into his writings. He wants his readers to find that quiet place where God can speak to them. I appreciate that, and I know others have, too.”

Dodge plans to have the documentary film and the biography completed in fall 2015. Regular updates can be found on Dodge’s project website,, as well as on his Facebook page,

To watch a trailer for the documentary, visit

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dean's List Spring 2014

Date: June 25, 2014

Andrews University has announced the names of undergraduate students appearing on the dean's list for spring semester 2014. The following students have achieved a semester GPA of 3.5 or above with at least 12 credits, no incompletes and no grade below a B. There are 574 students on this list.

Aakre, Jayson P.
Abbott, Hannah E.
Abraham, Kristen J.
Abreu, Charles M.
Ahn, Joshua K.
Aka, Mariko D.
Alexander, Criston A.
Allen, Daniel G.
Allen, Rodney C.
Alvarez, Ada L.
Amaro, Amanda
Andersen, Sten D.
Anderson, Chelesia J.
Angellakis, Alexander A.
Anobile, Aurianna D.
Anthony, Rachel L.
Antonov, Alexandr
Anzures, Michelle C.
Arkusinski, Abigail A.
Ashton, Benjamen D.
Ataides, Kettlen Cristh P.
Atkins, Christiana D.
Babb, Zackery T.
Baek, Seongkyeong
Baez, Luz V.
Bailey, Kaydra A.
Bailey, Tiffany A.
Baker, Jeffrey P.
Baldwin, Bryan J.
Bankes, Emily-Jean E.
Baptist, Brandon M.
Baptist, Kaitlin E.
Bardan, Christian
Barnum, Alexandra I.
Barrett, Brendan C.
Barrett, Cynthia E.
Bartram, Taylor P.
Bastos, Linda
Battle, Alicia L.
Bauer, Khelsea V.
Bauer, Kylynda C.
Beisiegel, Amy S.
Benavides, Rafael A.
Benjelloun, Amir
Berger, Rocio
Bishop, Kristen M.
Bissereth, D'nedgyne
Bjelica, Aiyana C.
Blackmer, Alyssa L.
Blackwood, Merlique A.
Blahovich, Christina L.
Bonilla, Cindy I.
Borabon, Rhonalin Evy R.
Borges, Nathalie
Bornman, Madeline R.
Bosco, Alaryss M.
Bovee, Ryan Y.
Bradfield, Erica L.
Bradfield, Lyndon N.
Brassington, Connor L.
Breetzke, Ashley N.
Bresnahan, Melissa K.
Brown, Andrew J.
Brown, Anna C.
Brown, Donna M.
Brown, Kenreah L.
Browne, Charles A.
Buchholz, Adam E.
Bugbee, Anna L.
Burrill, Kristi L.
Butlin, James G.
Byun, Andrew
Caceres, Nestor M.
Caceres, Paola S.
Cadette, Philadelphia R.
Cady, David C.
Cady, Ilana J.
Calderon, Arleni M.
Calhoun, Jennifer L.
Calhoun, Stephanie L.
Cameron, Cecelia R.
Campbell, Seth T.
Carrington, Lisa J.
Carter, Pamela Y.
Cassell, Shane A.
Castang, Daniel A.
Castellanos, Lucero
Castillo, Anamaria
Catumbela, Edna E.
Chacko, Matthew W.
Chadwick, Marthita N.
Chang, Alexis J.
Chang, Samantha N.
Cheek, Katherine E.
Cheeseboro, Belinda D.
Chen, Siyu
Chen, Yiqi
Chi, Hannah J.
Chirachevin, Purin
Chlevin, Cassandra N.
Cho, Brandon S.
Cho, Eun Byeol
Cho, Hyein
Choi, Benjamin Y.
Choi, Hannah D.
Choi, Hannah J.
Choi, Ji Min
Choi, Kenneth D.
Choi, Michael
Chong, Aram
Chun, Noah Y.
Clark, Bre'Anna S.
Clark, Richard A.
Coleman, Ayanna C.
Coleman, Casey A.
Coleman-Prouty, Elaine M.
Colomb, Ashley M.
Comeau, Ryan R.
Cook, Gabrielle E.
Cooper, Bradley A.
Corion, Tanika L.
Costa, Adislen
Covrig, Colette L.
Croughan, Brenden C.
Cruttenden, Rebecca L.
Dalgleish, Hannah M.
Davidovas, Steven N.
Davis, Donovan J.
Davis, Jodeon Y.
Davisson, Richard A.
Defensor, Renon A.
Dehm, Kayla J.
Delgado, Adriana P.
Delgado, Carla D.
Desrosiers, Reginald J.
Destine, Tarah K.
DeWind, Katie L.
Dieck, Megan E.
Dietrich, Kevin H.
Dillard, Kiara L.
Distan, Erikah A.
Diya, Ralph T.
Diya, Rolane Tweenie T.
Dominguez, Saul
Dooks, Alicia M.
Dooks, Megan N.
Doram, Jonathan E.
Duah, Martha M.
Dunn, Christina N.
Dunn, Tatianna J.
Durandis, Perla
Duvra, Daniela M.
Easton, Samantha J.
Ellis, Whitney N.
Emanuel, Jamie E.
Ezeribe, Hazel O.
Faletogo, Ieti
Fatal, Melissa
Fennig, Kalyn C.
Fernand, Avielle
Filkoski, Jennifer L.
Flores, Josias A.
Fogel, Abraham L.
Francis, Ludanne G.
Frazier, Kerry E.
Frey, Delia S.
Froemming, Krista L.
Fuhrman, Gregory J.
Fuller, Rebecca A.
Gaines, Zipporah R.
Garcia, Miguel A.
Gehring, Nicholas R.
Gensolin, Rachelle J.
Gilbert, Cassandra S.
Gillen, Erica S.
Gillespie, Calin C.
Gomez, Daniel M.
Gonzalez, Amante J.
Greene, Bonnie L.
Grellmann, Shelly M.
Grube, Austin M.
Gruesbeck, Michael L.
Guo, Jia
Haankwenda, Shaun M.
Halbritter, Kathryn R.
Hall, Dakota J.
Hall, L'Mar A.
Harmon, Ronald A.
Hart, Kelsey T.
Harvey, Courtney-Lynn
Haskins, Dwagne J.
Hazen, Harper J.
Hendrickson, Kyrsten J.
Henry, Irma
Hernandez, Michael E.
Hess, Michael L.
Hickman, Joseph D.
Hilton, Nathon L.
Hinds, Givan A.
Hodges, Alexander W.
Hodges, Cooper B.
Holdipp, Stefan E.
Holzschuher, Jordan A.
Hong, Andrew J.
Hong, Sung Ho
Horn, Joshua G.
Hotz, Natalie R.
Hu, Yuan Chang B.
Huh, Austin S.
Hunt, Renee A.
Hwang, Irene S.
Hwang, Yeseul
Iller, Eliana C.
Im, Justin H.
Imperio, Michelle E.
Ito, Keiko A.
Jaeger, Jonathan B.
James, Alanna E.
Jamieson, Sarah R.
Jardine, Kalissa H.
Jarvis, Ryan David T.
Jencks, Adam S.
Jenkins, Christopher M.
Jeon, Won Jin
Jewett, Robert C.
Jiang, Kun
Jin, Soo Y.
Joseph, Jenise S.
Joslin, Jeffrey M.
Jung, Nathaniel H.
Kang, Luke C.
Kang, Yoona
Kapusi, Thomas
Kelchner, Amber M.
Kerbs, Julia E.
Kessler, Jeanmark D.
Kim, Anna
Kim, Bomi
Kim, Christopher J.
Kim, Chu Hyun
Kim, Elizabeth J.
Kim, Hong Min
Kim, Hwakyeong
Kim, Ivan S.
Kim, Jamie M.
Kim, Ji hee
Kim, Joy S.
Kim, Justin Y.
Kim, Na Hyoung
Kim, Shanelle E.
Kim, Si In
King, Olivia C.
King, Travis M.
Kingman, John E.
Kip, Nathalie C.
Kivumbi, Molly N.
Knight, Kayla C.
Kolpacoff, Viktoria L.
Koltuk, Inna F.
Korenichenko, Aleksey V.
Kotanko, Le'von A.
Kozyarevskaya, Kristina A.
Krause, Andrew
Krzywon, Lucyna H.
Krzywon, Lukasz J.
Kutzner, Andrew R.
Kwon, Anna Y.
Kyi, Priscilla
LaFave, Adam D.
Laird, Kimberly D.
Lam, Jessenia W.
Lambeth, Emily J.
LaPointe, Jillian A.
Lassonnier, Nina N.
Lavalas, Jewell D.
LaVanture, John D.
Lawrence, Keri E.
Leavitt, Bethany E.
Lebo, Jon L.
Lee, Charles J.
Lee, Christopher S.
Lee, Erin A.
Lee, Jee Yeon
Lee, Jeong Bin
Lee, Ji Yeon
Lee, Jonathan
Lee, Joseph Y.
Lee, Lynda
Lee, Melissa
Lee, Nathaniel J.
Lee, Seong Min D.
Leung, Wan Hay
Lindstrom, Nathan R.
Little, Matthew D.
Lofthouse, Hayley J.
Logan, Julie M.
Logan, Kari M.
Logan, Ryan Z.
Lowe, Lauren E.
Lozano Sanchez, Carlos R.
Mackintosh, Tia C.
Magbanua, Anthony D.
Magsipoc, Adrianne R.
Maravilla, Cynthia M.
Mariquit, Chelsea F.
Markham, Cheri L.
Marshall, Karel L.
Marston, Adrian R.
Masterova, Angelina S.
Mbungu, Hannah M.
McAllister, Jevoni W.
McAuliffe, Emily M.
McCall, Holly E.
McDonald, Danielle T.
McDonald, Kimberlyn E.
McDonald, Robert C.
McDonald, Shenika K.
McGill, Daniel R.
McGill, Kristopher J.
McGuire, Tim S.
Mcintosh, Rroya-rae M.
McLarty, Mindy J.
Mejia, Dassia G.
Mendizabal, Larry B.
Menhardt, Brock M.
Mercado, Nicole
Messinger, Jared S.
Mikkelson, Erika M.
Milam, Sidney N.
Miller, Angelica J.
Miller, Christin M.
Mitacek, Kristiana N.
Moepeng, Lerato
Moise-Decembre, Tamara
Momohara, Michael M.
Moncrieff, Andre E.
Mondak, Adam M.
Mondak, Jordan D.
Monroe, Jannel A.
Montalvo, Aaron E.
Montoya, Cesar R.
Moon, Alison R.
Moon, Robert D.
Moon, Sunhye
Moore, Amanda M.
Moore, Dori B.
Mora, Diana K.
Morford, Alyssa D.
Morris, Serena T.
Moses, Joanna A.
Mthiyane, Wandile F.
Mulzac, Karla E.
Mumu, Teddy M.
Murnighan, Russell C.
Murray, Kathy-Ann D.
Musgrove, Erin
Musvosvi, Rufaro C.
Mwangi, Fonda W.
Mwinga, Lukonde S.
Mwinga, Nhimba M.
Nam, Ansel H.
Nazareno, Erick
Ncube, Cebolenkosi R.
Ndlovu, Kimberly C.
Nelson, Bailey T.
Nelson, Brian R.
Nelson, Robert-Ray C.
Neufville, Candace J.
Ng, Kimberlyn C.
Ngugi, Joses N.
Nieman, Stephanie
Niere, Derek Adam G.
Niere, Nicole G.
Nommik, Aldar
Nshuti, Marius H.
Nyirashishi, Leah
Odong, Maranata A.
Ogoti, Purity K.
Olakowski, Emily A.
Oliveira, Daniella E.
Oliveira, Jeffrey R.
Omane, Kofi A.
Orozco, Daniella S.
Ortiz, Caleb
Ortiz, David E.
Osborne, Joseph K.
Owino, Jimmy O.
Pacamalan, Alexa N.
Pak, Alysha J.
Paquette, Joel J.
Paris, Kristina L.
Parker, Kayla M.
Pasos, Gabriella A.
Paul, Rassaïda M.
Pearson, Bryan D.
Peart, Daniel S.
Penaredondo, Gian L.
Penny, Veronica S.
Penrod, Jonathan J.
Penrod, Luke A.
Pepper, Katrina R.
Perez Barreto, Mara D.
Perkins, Emily A.
Permaul, Natalie R.
Pierre, Naude C.
Pierre, Neehall B.
Pierre, Rose
Plantak, Mihael
Polski, Robert M.
Powers, Brian S.
Rambo, Nina Marie
Ramos, Gercelino D.
Randolph, Zachary A.
Ravell, Eloise M.
Ray, Rebekah S.
Raynor, Carl D.
Recinos, Stefany L.
Reddig, Heidi A.
Reed, Megan P.
Regal, David P.
Reichert, Ashley A.
Reichert, Zachary M.
Reid, Nichole S.
Rengifo, Brenda L.
Resilien, Samuel
Resler, Jacob B.
Rieger, Cody A.
Rikin, Patricia F.
Ringer, Mark B.
Rivers, Robert J.
Roberts, Chenelle K.
Robley-Spencer, Melaine J.
Roderick, Andrew S.
Rodriguez, Jatniel A.
Roe, Sara M.
Rojas Marrugo, Cesar E.
Rollins, Paris D.
Romero, Kayla N.
Ronjak, Daniel M.
Roschman, Melodie A.
Roselio, Dawn C.
Ross, Danielle A.
Rosu, Carmella
Roy, Nolan
Rubin de Celis, Angela
Ruhupatty, Melisa A.
Ruiz, Jason S.
Rurangirwa, Melody N.
Ryoo, Seunghyun
Ryu, Hyeri
Sabin, Erick A.
Samos, Adrienne I.
Sarno, Kelcey M.
Saucedo, Frank J.
Savage, Kristine M.
Schell, Elisabeth
Schwarz, Shawn G.
Scott, Ciara J.
Scott, Emily A.
Scott, Myrtie R.
Seats, Celeena M.
Seo, Ye Lim
Sharley, Jonathan
Sherman, Elisabeth L.
Shin, Dong-Hee
Shin, Eui Young
Shockey, Brian D.
Shockey, Jason R.
Shon, Bonnie So
Shou, Aaron T.
Shultz, Jacina R.
Simpson, Andrew J.
Sittlinger, Cady N.
Sjoren, Gunnar Leighton J.
Smith, Jalisa R.
Smith, Jourdain A.
Smith, Kourtney R.
Smith, Renee A.
Sokolies, Katerina N.
Soto, Karen P.
Spieth, Christa A.
Spoon, Amber R.
Stafford, Isabel S.
Stahl, Joshua L.
Starkey, Mary K.
Starr, Meredith P.
Stelfox, Sarah M.
Stern, Brittany J.
Stewart, Andrew R.
Stout, Elisabeth E.
Suinda, Stephan J.
Sung, Kyung je
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Thaw, Kevvin M.
Thiele, Satoshi K.
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Zirkle, Thomas A.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Memorial Service for Andrew Campbell

Memorial Service at Andrews
A memorial service for Andrew Campbell will be held on Sabbath, September 18 at 6 p.m. in the Seminary Chapel on the campus of Andrews University.

Passing of Andrew Campbell
Andrew Anthony Campbell, 32, a resident of Garland Apartments and an Andrews University graduate, died unexpectedly Tuesday evening, August 31. Campbell had complained of stomach and chest pains and had called for help. Andrews University Public Safety, an ambulance and local law enforcement went to his apartment. Campbell was pronounced dead on the scene.  It was later determined Campbell had died of natural causes.

A Celebration Service for Andrew Anthony Campbell will be held Monday, September 13 at the Mississauga Seventh-day Adventist Church, 2250 Credit Valley Rd. (Credit Valley Rd. & Erin Mills Pkwy.), Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. The viewing will be from 10-11 a.m. The Celebration Service begins at 11 a.m.

Please keep the family in your prayers during this very difficult time.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New BEST Video, A Passion for Research: Inspiring High School Students, Launched

For most of the last decade, a poster of TaMira Jennings and Damon Travis has been on display just outside of Lula Lee’s Benton Harbor City Commission door—across the hall from the Mayor’s office. To some it may be just another poster, just another picture of two Benton Harbor High School students. However, to Desmond Murray, assistant professor of chemistry at Andrews University, there are almost 10 years of meaning in that poster. Now, upon releasing his latest video about early research participation in March on YouTube, Murray remembers Jennings and Travis as the first high school students in his summer research program back in 2001.

Back then the program, formed in collaboration with a grassroots Benton Harbor organization, was called Benton Harbor Science Initiative. Today, it is a non-profit organization known as Building Excellence in Science and Technology (BEST), which has been actively involved in providing southwest Michigan students, high school and college, with early research opportunities in keeping with its motto of People First, Innovate Early. Research projects have targeted synthesis of antibacterials, dyes, fragrances, environmentally friendlier pesticides and sensors for chemical warfare agents, agricultural pollutants and other toxic agents.

BEST apprentices have presented their research findings at national scientific meetings and their work has been displayed in Berkeley, California and Paris, France. Also, three BEST students were recently published in February as co-authors on a research paper about sensors for toxic organophosphate pesticides. Two of these are Andrews students: Ken Fletcher, a 2010 chemistry graduating senior and Keith Campbell, a 2005 biology alumni.

The recently released video–A Passion for Research: Inspiring High School Students–features Wen-Ting Ong, Berrien Springs High School ’07; Rachel Skibbe, Eau Claire High School ’07; and Nikia Davis, Benton Harbor High School ‘07. They were students in Murray’s 2007 grade 12 Math Science Center class, which was recognized as a finalist in the Business Review’s Innovation Michigan Exposition in Grand Rapids, Mich. All three students are now juniors attending college: Ong is at Andrews University, while Davis and Skibbe are at Michigan State University.

“Dr. Murray has demonstrated in this video how researchers can have a large impact on young people by engaging them in research experiences, stimulating their curiosity and building their confidence. This video will also be a valuable tool in sharing this successful model to other researchers across the country and encouraging them to develop programs that engage young people at an early age,” said Sandra Welch, program director for the Informal Science Education program at the National Science Foundation.

Murray has received research funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF), the American Chemical Society (ACS) and from ACS Project SEED to support these opportunities over the years. He also partnered with local organizations, such as, St. Joseph Valley ACS Chapter, Benton Harbor Youth Works and Michigan Works in direct support of student remuneration.

After viewing the YouTube video, James H. Hageman, associate vice chancellor for research at the University of Colorado, Denver said, “This is based on a large and continuous effort over the years on Murray’s part. I have shared this with a large group of science-educator faculty at UC Denver as well as former colleagues at New Mexico State University.”

Joseph Francisco, 2010 president of the American Chemical Society and the William E. Moore Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at Purdue University, remarked “It is these grassroots efforts that lead to long-lasting, positive change and long-term investment in young people for the sciences. Well done!”

In the early years of providing opportunities for area students to do authentic cutting-edge research, Murray would often personally drive to and from Benton Harbor to bring the students to his lab in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry. This was done voluntarily by Murray, without cost—administrative, travel or otherwise—to any agency or organization. Murray said, “This was and continues to be a labor of love. My life mission is to provide opportunities in research, discovery and innovation for those who, for various reasons, have usually been left out. My effort comes from my core belief that all God’s children should participate in and contribute to one of humanity’s greatest adventures–the scientific enterprise.”

The video, which was funded by a 2007 grant awarded to Murray by the National Science Foundation’s Communicating Research To Public Audiences program, can be viewed at
More about BEST
Building Excellence in Science and Technology (BEST), People First, Innovate Early, is a Berrien County-based, science-education, nonprofit organization that advocates for and provides early research participation opportunities for high school and college students. Its founding CEO is assistant professor Desmond H. Murray in the Andrews University Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry. Additional information can be obtained by contacting or 269-757-1641.



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