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J. N. Andrews Honors Program
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J. N. Andrews Honors Program

Established in 1966, the mission of the J. N. Andrews Honors Program is to foster the scholarly, spiritual and social potential of talented students. The Scholars' Alternate General Education Studies (SAGES) represents a comprehensive rethinking of honors education; it is based on a desire to provide students with these qualities:

  •     Classes with qualified students studying 
           significant material
  •     Discussion-sized classes for interaction
  •     Faculty who are challenging and interested
  •     Conscious integration of faith with learning
  •     Senior research leading to a project or thesis
  •     Courses that include activities:
    • Museum visits
    • The arts
    • Music
    • Other cultural events
    • Developing social, spiritual, physical and leadership skills

*One of the best things about the Honors programs is that you are encouraged to ask questions and explore different points of view. It's more than just memorizing facts.*
-Liza Habenicht, Biology and French Studies Major

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