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Research Opportunities

Participation in SAGES includes a significant Senior Project or Thesis -- a valuable asset in job-seeking or to include in applications to graduate or professional school, and an important first step towards publishing your work. It is more than just learning the subject matter -- it is a chance to be actively involved in one's discipline. Opportunities for off-campus research and presentations, such as attending and participating in, academic conferences are also available.

To Find Previous Theses at the Library

Log in to the James White Library website (

Honors theses can be accessed online through the following:  

  1. Honors Thesis list – To view the list of honors theses, select “Subject heading” on the first upper box .  Enter “Honors thesis” on the second box.  Click “Search.” 
    Honors thesis lists will appear on the screen arranged by departments.  Clicking on any of these headings will lead you to the bibliographic records of the honors thesis.   
  2. Subject – Enter subject or topic using Library of Congress subject headings on the second box .  In this way, you will get a list not only honors thesis but also books and other library materials related to the subject.
  3. Author – If you know the author of the honors thesis, select “Author” on the first box and enter surname followed by first name of author, and click go.  His or her honors thesis will show up. 
  4. Title – Select “Title” on the first box and enter title of honors thesis if known. This is an unlikely way of accessing an honor thesis.
Circulation Mode:

The honors thesis can be checked out at the circulation desk for a period of three weeks.  

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