Pro Expectations

The Department of Communication respects professionalism both in its program objectives and from the student. Graduates of the MA: Communication Interdisciplinary Studies Program will:

  • Become members of competent communicators who will continue to advance the discipline of communication by research, scholarly inquiry and effective and persuasive presentations;
  • Possess the critical skills necessary to evaluate his/her professional knowledge and competencies as well as engage in research;
  • Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the advanced skills of communication including various media, in different contexts and to various audiences;
  • Demonstrate expressive and receptive skills necessary to display an appreciation of diversity and culture;
  • Model Christian behavior and display empathy in all relationships;
  • Possess the critical inquiry skills necessary to evaluate his/her professional knowledge and competencies;
  • Demonstrate intellectual humility, social responsibility, citizenship and advocacy through Christian service or leadership activities and/or participation in activities related to community and human service organizations.

Professionalism is the way the student exhibits professional conduct and represents the profession effectively. The Professional Expectations Evaluation is the basis for evaluation by the Graduate sub-committee. The students will receive feedback noting strengths and weaknesses. At any time it is deemed necessary, a remediation plan will be communicated to the student. It is expected that the student will conform to the expectations expressed. 
Academic Integrity
It is expected that students will display academic integrity and the ability to think clearly for themselves. The details of academic dishonesty are listed in the AU Bulletin.

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