This program option is customized with the approval of the student's supervisory committee to create an interdisciplinary degree for preparation for a career that integrates two disciplines.

The AU Bulletin outlines the prerequisites and requirements for the program.  The requirements for the Interdisciplinary program option are summarized here.  It may help you to refer to the Plan of Study form.

Core:      (12 cr)
COMM 515 Communication Theories
COMM 520 Communication Research Methodology
COMM 590 Graduate Seminar
COMM 651 Communication Research Seminar I
COMM 652 Communication Research Seminar II

Additional/Elective Comm Courses:     (12 cr)
Selected from Department of Communication courses according to Plan of Study, with approval of student?s supervisory committee.

Additional Courses in Secondary Area:    (12-15 cr)
Chosen from disciplines other than communication

Projects: 2 of 3 Projects     (4 cr)
COMM 589 Internship/Practicum in Communication
COMM 599 Production Project in Communication
COMM 695 Research Project in Communication
Thesis is optional
Portfolio is required

This information is subject to change according to the latest Academic Bulletin.

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