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Scriptural Pursuit is a 30-minute weekly television and radio program. This program is a three member panel discussion of Sabbath School lesson themes. Scriptural Pursuit is produced every week in the International Learning Systems studio using three studio cameras and a crew of seven to nine people.  Scriptural Pursuit is made possible with the combined efforts of International Learning Systems, Good News Television, AU student volunteers, AU staff volunteers and community volunteers. Scriptural Pursuit targets a non-Adventist audience ages 30 and above.

Produced for radio and television, this program is broadcast over WAUS-FM, WGLL 1570AM, WGLL-TV7, WYGN-LP and the Hope Channel. The Hope Channel is a satellite network with signal accessible from any part of the world.  Very soon LifeTalk radio and Adventist World Radio will be broadcasting Scriptural Pursuit.  Jacqueline Spencer, a graduate communication student, is the co-producer of Scriptural Pursuit. Many other communication students assist with the production as camera operators, teleprompter operators, engineers, production assistants and editors. Larry Bothe and Nick Wolfer serve as directors of Scriptural Pursuit.

Messages have been received from Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Romania, India, the Czech Republic and Croatia. Ranko Stefanovic is a guest on Scriptural Pursuit. On a recent trip to Australia and Croatia, he was identified as having been seen on Scriptural pursuit in those countries. He reported that in Croatia the program is downloaded and then English-speaking people translate the program.

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