Student Entrepreneur Gets Involved

Glenn Roper

Communication major w/ Media Technology emphasis

Glenn Roper, a largely self-taught designer, is someone you will see often in the Department.  As former Managing Editor of Envision, a Christian Collegiate Lifestyle magazine distributed by the Department of Communication, and founder of The ah HA! Factor Designs LLC, his freelance design firm, he keeps busy.  Not to mention being married with children.

Glenn worked four years as a Designer and Technician/Marketing Specialist before returning to school full-time.  He recounts an experience he had working with a particular business, when the company server went down and he was unexpectedly "thrown into the deep end".  "I gained so much experience because of it," he says, "and a set of skills that have helped prepare me for my future."  "[Since I didn't have a degree]," he adds, "I got my jobs through interviews and two main principles: get them [the employer] talking more than you, and get them to like you."  He also suggests bringing a porfolio binder to interviews, or creating an electronic portfolio and bringing the disk to the interview.

One of the biggest benefits Glenn sees to the Department of Communication is its openness to new ideas.  "If you have an idea, you can run with it," he says, "there are so many opportunities within the department," and students need to take advantage of them--from Internships with well-known magazines and assisting with on-camera work for Sabbath School University--a weekly half-hour satellite broadcast--to community involvement via our Communication Club and Public Relations Society.  His advice to students is to get involved as soon as possible: "If you write, if you enjoy design...get involved," he says, "and start freelance work, now.  If you're serious about what you're doing, then there's no reason you won't be ready for the real world."

Glenn graduated with his BA Communication, media technology emphasis, in May 2010 and is now on the road to receive his Masters in Communication. He hopes to become a Communications Director for a non-profit organization.

By: Ashleigh Burtnett

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