BA: Journalism

Skills & Education: The central components of the BA Journalism program are basic communication skills, effective writing, and knowledge of the media. 

Career Outlook: This program prepares students for careers as writers and editors for newspapers, magazines and publishing houses, and when taken with an emphasis in media studies, opens up a whole variety of exciting media careers. 

Prospective Courses: The journalism student will take classes in core communication courses, as well as classes in media law and ethics, editing, and advanced topics classes such as magazine writing, features, editorials, investigative reporting, and web communication.  Students also take photography, and may apply creative writing, digital imaging, and art classes to the major. A second major or minor is required.

  • Media Studies Emphasis
    The media studies emphasis includes core communication courses, electives, English, media literacy, introduction to mass communication, photography, and nine additional credits that reflect a balance of art, design, and technical courses. An internship in the area of media is required. A second major or minor is not required with this emphasis. View suggested courses

View suggested courses (Journalism only, no emphasis)

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