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Office Phone: 269-471-2260

Director: Christian Stuart

[christians@andrews.edu, 269-471-6605]

Administrative Assistant: Jenny Shrestha

[jennys@andrews.edu, 269-471-2260 ]

Why we help: Goals

Because Andrews University is home to 3,000 students from more than 90 countries, we understand very well that the English language is opening up opportunities for individuals to connect with others around the world. Our aim is to help students meet their personal, academic, and professional goals in the ever-expanding English-speaking environment.

How we help: Programs

We offer a variety of classes in listening, speaking, reading, and writing (depending on the student's language proficiency) during the regular school year and a high-intensity program called Action America during the summer semester.

Who we help: Application Processes

Our programs are designed for two types of learners: 1) individuals who are interested in studying at Andrews University and 2) individuals who are learning English for personal development.

1) To study at Andrews, students who do not speak English as their first language must take a language proficiency exam. (For more information about exam options and academic department language proficiency requirements, jump to the Exam and Requirements section of this page. We are here to serve students who find that they need to improve their English to get into the program they want. Students who complete our Advanced Level classes with a grade of B or better, and who pass the Exit Exam will be given a certificate of completion. With that certificate, students may apply to transfer into the major of their choice. (Note: those planning to complete an undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degree may apply for a foreign language waiver--they have already learned another language!)

2) We also serve students who do not plan to study at Andrews University in the future. These students can enjoy the flexibility of our program, choosing from a variety of long- and short-term options. 

APPLICATION PROCESS : The application process wil be the same for students who wish to pursue a degree from Andrews University as well as for those who do not plan to study at Andrews University in the future. Please fill out the appropriate application by clicking on the following links: 

CIEP Classes

CIEP offers a variety of classes during the school year for basic, intermediate, and advanced level students. Our classes cover the full spectrum of language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing, along with classes focused on grammar and pronunciation. They are taught by experienced professionals who emphasize both fluency and accuracy in their classes. Class sizes of generally 10-15 students allow our teachers to focus on the needs of individual students while presenting material and faciliating natural group interaction.

During their time with us, students will enjoy forming friendships, interacting regularly with native English speakers (Asta LaBianca organizes a great Conversation Partner program), learning about a variety of cultures (our students come from all over the world), and, of course, developing their English skills during meaningful and memorable class-time. Click the link below to see our complete class schedule as of Spring, 2014.

Full class listing


English Proficiency Exam Options


Internet-Based TOEFL, MELAB and COMPASS Exams: visit the Counseling and Testing Center website or contact the office directly to set up an appointment. 

Paper-based (institutional) TOEFL (ITP): This exam is offered by the Center for Intensive English Programs for admission to Andrews only; it is not recognized by other universities. Contact CIEP for the exam schedule.