Center for Intensive English Programs

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  • English for Academic Purposes
  • English Language Training
  • Action America for Professionals
  • Action America for Teens


To provide the opportunity to develop the skills needed for the following:

  • Meet life's needs in aural/oral and written communication
  • Communicate within the language formalities of academe
  • Prepare for college/university entrance


  • Provide rigorous academic preparation for college/university applicants
  • Enhance English skills through academic, cultural, and professional experiences
  • Mentor graduate students who teach
  • Establish tutorials/conversation partners to encourage interaction with English speakers
  • Maintain small class sizes


  • Participants matriculate into undergraduate and graduate programs
  • Professionals achieve language proficiency
  • Teens and adults function within the various language formalities
  • Secondary school students complete language proficiency and credits for high school graduation

Program Description


English for Academic Purposes (credit-bearing)

English language proficiency
College/University Preparation
     Research Seminar: Writing
     Research Seminar: Reading
     TOEFL Preparation
Second language waiver              

English Language Training (non-credit bearing)
     English language proficiency
     Grammar, Reading, Writing, Aural/Oral Skills
Action America for Professionals (short term)
English language proficiency
Cultural immersion
Professional experiences
Action America for Teens (summer program)
English language proficiency
Cultural immersion