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Name Email Status Phone Number Works In
Pfandl, Gerhard pfandl Employee

Piorkowski, Shandy L. shandy Employee

Pizarro, Fernando O. pizarro Student
Plisow, Aleksandra waddell Student
Poblete, Armand G. poblete Employee (269)471-3105 Instructor - Information Sys
Mgmt/Mktg/Info Sys
CSH 230B
Poole, Alexander J. poolea Student
Poole, Wanda L. wpoole Employee (269)471-3400 Off Mgr/Underwriting Director
HOWARD Studios
Powell, Amanda J. powella Student
Quigley, Alexandria H. alexandriaq Student
Rakotondramanana, Roland roland Student
Ramirez, Alexander alexanderr Student
Randall, Arthur B. arthurr Student
Randall, David W. randalld Employee (269)471-3259 Assoc Professor
HH 223
Randall, John R. randallj Employee (269)471-6203 Circulation Manager
Andrews University Seminary Studies
SEM N136
Randall, Marshall A. marshallr Student
Randles, Edward W. randles Employee

Randolph, Zachary A. randolpz Student
Randriamialison, Neat H. neat Student
Ratsimandresy, Melchisedek A. melchisedek Student
Razafindrabe, Landy M. landy Student
Reznicek, Amanda L. reznicek Student
Rigby-Barrett, Sandra rigbybarret Employee

Robertson, Randall D. rrobertson Employee (269)471-3410 Associate Prof of Aviation
RSB 119
Robinson, Leandro G. robinson Student
Rodriguez, Amanda I. Employee

Rodriguez, Rolando rolandor Student
Rosales, Orlando J. rosaleso Student
Rossi, Fernando J. rossif Student
Rowland, S Clark rowland Employee (269)471-3502

Rybachek, Alexander P. rybachek Student
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