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Name Email Status Phone Number Works In
Anderson, Tracy L. tracya Student
Anderson, Valerie R. vstuy Employee (269)471-6538 Administrative Assistant
Community and Int'l Developmnt
BUL 204-A
Andoh, Nicholas andoh Student
Andrade, Cristiane K. andradec Student
Andrade, Isaac M. andrade Student
Andrade, Kenneth S. kennetha Student
Andrade, Melville melville Student
Andrade, Milton L. andradem Student
Andrade, Rodrigo B. andrader Student
Andreasen, Demetra L. andreasd Employee (269)471-3122

Andreasen, Niels-Erik A. neaa Employee (269)471-3100 President
President's Office
ADM 318
Andres, Adrienne E. Student
Andrews, Isaac B. isaaca Student
Andrews, Mary Student
Andrews, Nealie A. nealie Student
Andrews, Seth A. setha Student
Andrews, Whitney E. whitneya Student
Andruga, James M. andruga Student
Andruseac, Stanislav V. stanislav Student
Andruseak, Vsevolod vsevolod Student
Andvik, Alf aandvik Student
Andvik, Deborah M. andvik Employee (269)471-6648 Asst to Dean
SHP-Dean's Office
HAR 201
Andvik, Erlend erlend Student
Andvik, Lidvar lidvar Student
Arrais, Andre C. arraisa Student
Asatryan, Andranik andranik Student
Azevedo, Andre azevedo Student
Beccai, Andreas-Bats beccai Student
Beerman, Andrew beerman Student
Blosser, Andrew J. ablosser Student
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