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Gietsel, Alexander gietsel Student
Gilbert, Cassandra S. cassandra Student
Gladkov, Alexander A. gladkov Student
Golovenko, Alexandre A. golovenk Student
Gonzalez Palma, Orlando R. gonzaleo Student
Gonzalez Pineda, Orlando orlandog Student
Gordon, Brandon T. brandong Student
Grandison, Nahshon R. nahshon Student
Graves, Randy K. gravesr Employee (269)471-3854 VP for Enrollment Management
Enrollment Management
ADM 1st
Green, Candace T. candaceg Student
Green, Sandra S. sandrag Employee

Griffin, Vandeon D. griffin Student
Guimaraes, Evandro F. evandro Student
Gulyas, Alexandra Student
Gutierrez Salvatierra, Sandra Mabel sandramabel Student
Hales, Cassandra E. hales Student
Hallberg, Amanda C. hallberg Student
Harter, M Alexandria harter Student
Haugabrooks, Yolanda I. vasquez Student
Hawley, Amanda N. hawleya Student
Hearn, James-Andrew B. jamesandrew Student
Hearn, Joseph Alexander B. hearnj Student
Hebard, Brandon G. hebardb Student
Henson, Shandelle M. henson Employee (269)471-3423 Chair
HYH 121
Hernandez, Jennifer M. hernandezj Student
Hernandez, Jose J. joseh Student
Hernandez, Luis Student
Hernandez, Magaly R. magaly Employee (269)471-3372 Faculty
Public Health and Wellness
MH 309
Hernandez, Michael E. hernandm Student
Hernandez, Rafael E. hernandr Student
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