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Name Email Status Phone Number Works In
Bernados, Rolando C. Student
Bibit, Reynando B. reynando Student
Blandin, Allyson M. blandin Student
Bormotov, Oleksandr bormotov Student
Bornand, Dominic M. bornand Student
Bornand, Maria pfau Student
Borntrager, Cassandra J. borntrager Student
Bowen, Candan B. candnn Employee Carpenter
Brand, Jay L. brand Employee (269)471-3784 Professor
Leadership and Educational Administration
BH 174A
Brand, Michelle D. brandm Student
Brandt, Martha S. brandt Student
Brown, Leandra M. leandra Student
Buchmayer, Amanda N. Student
Cantrell, Wanda L. lovice Employee (269)471-3264 Office Mgr JWL
Dean's Office
JWL 200
Carroll, Randy L. carrollr Employee

Castillo, Alejandra I. alejandrac Student
Castro Rodriquez, Alexandra J. castrorodri Student
Ceballo-Hernandez, Helen R. ceballohern Student
Chacko, Alexandra E. allie Student
Chand, Arnold J. chanda Student
Chandia, Hadassah E. chandia Student
Chang, Brandon J. changb Student
Charles, Jean David cjean Student
Chavez, Fernando chaves Student
Chlevin, Cassandra N. chlevin Student
Cho, Brandon S. brandonc Student
Church, Amanda amandac Student
Clark, Candace J. clarkc Employee

Clouzet, Melissa B. manderso Student
Colon, Sandra L. colons Student
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