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Name Email Status Phone Number Works In
Logan, David W. logand Employee

Lonto, Randall D. lonto Employee (269)471-3213

Lowry, Brandon L. lowryb Employee Sr Windows Administrator
ITS-Servers and Networks
IS 205
Mack, Randal K. randal Employee (269)471-6867 Plant Service
8363 Farm Oval

Maforah, Mandisa A. mandisa Student
Manders, Kenneth L. manders Student
Markland, Bajel B. markland Student
Marston, Sandra L. marston Student
Martinez-Hernandez, Maria C. mariam Student
Maxwell, Randyle K. randyle Student
McAndrew, Emily K. emilym Student
Mccord, Alexander R. mccord Student
McFarland, Mason T. mcfarland Student
Meseraull, Amanda S. meseraull Student
Minandi, San L. san Student
Miranda, Christian A. mirandac Student
Mitchell, Lander D. lander Student
Mobasseri Maraghi, Mandana mandana Student
Moore, Amanda M. moorea Student
Moral-Hernandez, Jose M. moralher Student
Moreno, Alexandra morenoa Student
Morgado, Alejandro L. morgado Student
Morgado, Rolando rolando Student
Moya, Noluthando C. clementine Student
Mthiyane, Wandile F. wandile Student
Muasau, Landen A. landon Student
Myers-Nesmith, Candace A. myersnes Student
Nandudu, Esther nandudu Student
Neufeld, Wanda N. neufeld Student
Neufville, Candace J. neufville Student
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