Faculty & Staff

Dean's Office

Heidi Harris

Administrative Assistant
Office of Distance Learning

James Jeffery

Professor, Dean of School of Education

Anna Piskozub

Graduate Service Coordinator

Kevin Wiley

Accreditations and Assessment Coordinator

Vicki Wiley

Executive Assistant to the Dean

Graduate Psychology and Counseling

Rudolph Bailey


Karen Benjamin

Accreditation Coordinator

Nancy Carbonell

Associate Professor
Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program Coordinator

Ronald Coffen

Andrews Community Counseling Center Director

Elvin Gabriel


Tevni Grajales


Luana Greulich

Associate Professor
Special Education Program Coordinator

Bradly Hinman

Assistant Professor
School Counseling Program Coordinator

Jimmy Kijai


Jeannie Montagano

Associate Professor
School Psychology Program Coordinator

Nadia Nosworthy

Assistant Professor
Educational Psychology Program Coordinator

Carole Woolford-Hunt

Chair, Professor
Counseling Psychology Program Coordinator

Leadership & Educational Administration

Duane Covrig

Leadership Department Chair

Erich Baumgartner

Professor of Leadership and Intercultural Communication

Jay Brand

Professor of Leadership and Higher Education

David Ferguson

Director of Undergraduate Leadership Development

Sylvia Gonzalez

Professor of Leadership and Ed. Administration

Gus Gregorutti

Associate Professor of Leadership and Higher Education

Janet Ledesma

Coordinator of Educational Leadership

Enoc Lopez


Evelyn Perez

Administrative Assistant

Kezia Saint Louis

Administrative Assistant

Teaching, Learning & Curriculum

Nancy Agnetta

Assistant Professor of Teacher Education

Michelle Bacchiocchi

Assistant Professor of Teacher Education
Director of Student Teaching

Larry Burton

Professor of Curriculum & Instruction
Editor, Journal of Research on Christian Education

Anneris Coria-Navia

Assistant Professor of Curriculum & Instruction

Lee Davidson

Associate Professor of Teacher Education, Department Chair

Luana Greulich

Assoc Professor
Special Ed Program Coordinator

Lori Imasiku

Assistant Professor for Teacher Education

John Nay

Administrative Assistant
Curriculum and Instruction

Raymond Ostrander

Professor Emeritus

Amy Waller

Administrative Assistant

Jeannie Wolfer

Certification Registar