Mickey Hay

Title: Vice President of Academic Support
E-mail: leader@andrews.edu
Alternate Phone: (269) 782-1306


Margaret R. "Mickey" Hay received her PhD from Andrews in 2005.  She has worked for Southwestern Michigan College in Dowagiac, Michigan since 1989, holding various positions all related to student support, success and retention.  In addition to her work at the college, she serves as a director of the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education.  She is regularly invited to speak at national conferences on the topics of program evaluation and assessment.  Through CAS, she facilitated the publication of standards for parent and family programs in colleges and continues her collaboration with colleagues across the country who provide services and programs for families of college students.  She continues to nurture an interest in scholarly research and study but she also enjoys the travel opportunities associated with her professional life.

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