Dissertation Process

  1. Leadership Handbook (2011-2012)
    1. Dissertation Chair
    2. Doctoral Dissertation
    3. Dissertation Process Chart
    4. Topic and Committee Approval
    5. Dissertation Proposal
    6. Oral Defense Process
    7. Dissertation Portfolio Timeline
  2. Social Support and Roles. Relationships are critical to creating a dissertation. This informal table outlines the roles others may play in this process. It serves as a tool to guide discussion with committee members, colleagues, Leadership & Learning Groups, etc. about the needs and expectations of the dissertation.
  3. Portfolio and Dissertation Timeline “Countdown chart.” (1 pp.) Shows timelines for completing dissertation and portfolio deadlines before graduation processes.
  4. SED Oral Defense Procedures (1 pp). This one page guide provides an excellent overview of the oral defense process for both faculty and participants.
  5. NEW! After Defense Procedures (2 pp.). This new document guides participants in uploading their final approved dissertation to the Adventist Digital Library.
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