MA Youth & Young Adult Ministry

What is the Youth & Young Adult Ministry degree?

The program requires intensive study in the specialized field of youth and young adult ministry. If you desire a program which will enable you to develop the competencies needed for an effective ministry to youth in both local and para-church settings, this degree is for you!

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Youth & Young Adults Ministry
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Program Handbook

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Program Description

The Master of Arts in Youth & Young Adult Ministry degree is designed to equip men and women with competencies needed for an effective ministry to youth and young adults in local church and para-church settings. The program is focused on teaching, evangelizing, discipling, and counseling adolescents.

The MA in Youth & Young Adult Ministry requires intensive study in the specialized field of youth ministry. The graduate of the MA in Youth & Young Adult Ministry is competent to:

  • Develop, direct, and evaluate youth ministry programs in the local church and other targeted areas with both professional   and theological competency
  • Recruit, nurture, and disciple youth in Christian service and vocation
  • Recruit, nurture, and disciple adult youth leaders
  • Develop the ability to reflect constructively and theologically upon the content and process of youth ministry
  • Serve in a variety of vocations, such as youth pastor, dormitory dean, local church youth leader, conference youth director, academy bible teacher, and guidance counselor
  • Students who seek ordination or plan to serve in general pastoral or church leadership positions should consider, as an alternative, the Master of Divinity program as stipulated by North American Division policy (L 05 05 and L 05 15). The Master of Divinity program also has an emphasis in Youth & Young & Young Adult Ministry.

Program Outcomes

  • Christian Apologist - Articulates effectively a theology and philosophy of youth ministry.
  • Pastor-Teacher - Uses appropriate methodologies to disciple youth and young adults.
  • Servant Leader - Understands youth and young adult culture relevant to its application in the biblical discipleship process.
  • Maturing Christian - Engages consistently in biblical devotional habits to be open to the transforming work of the Holy Spirit in his or her life.
  • Youth and Young Adult Specialist
      a. Develops youth ministry for the broader church.
      b. Advocates for youth and young adults and for effective ministries for them.
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