Undeclared Undergraduate Students

"I have not yet decided on my major"


Who is my advisor and where is he/she located?

If you have not yet declared your major, but there is a broad area that you know you are interested in, such as science, technology, business, education, pre-dentistry, pre-medicine, or pre-law, contact Student Success to let us know and you will be assigned an academic advisor from the appropriate area. 

Undeclared students are encouraged to consult the list of majors offered at Andrews University as this may help to establish areas of interest. http://www.andrews.edu/academics/degrees_undergrad.html

If you are not ready to declare a major, or even a broad area of interest, Andrews University is a wonderful place to explore your options.  You will be assigned an academic advisor in Student Success who will guide you through steps towards making a major choice while you take general education and exploratory classes. Contact Student Success for help with this process.

Student Success Center
100 Nethery Hall
Monday- Thursday 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. (closed from noon to 1 p.m.)
Friday 9 a.m.- noon
Appointments and Questions:

Once an academic advisor has been assigned to you, you should receive an e-mail notice with your advisor assignment.  You may also access this information through the web, new students should:

  1. From the main Andrews University web page, log in to Vault https://vault.andrews.edu/vault/goto/home  Activate your username if you have not already done so.  Log on using your Andrews username and password.
  2. Click on the preVue link.  Follow instructions to get to your profile page. 
  3. Choose the appropriate semester at the top of the page. Your academic advisor and contact information will appear on the right, just below your application information
  4. If an advisor’s name does not show, is incorrect, or if you have questions, click on the corrections box link to send an e-mail to Student Success.
How do I explore possible careers?

Students are encouraged to take a class in which they will explore an area of interest.  

The career counselor in the Counseling & Testing Center (Bell Hall Room 123) can help you explore your interests, abilities, and personality style as they relate to career choices. Please contact Counseling and Testing at (269) 471-3470 for additional information or consult their web-site http://www.andrews.edu/services/ctcenter/index.html

When should I meet with my academic advisor?

You should meet with your advisor at least once a semester and whenever:

  • You need help planning classes before registration
  • You need to register for classes
        Registration at Andrews is a two step process – you meet with your advisor,
        log-in to Registration Central, then your advisor completes the log-in
        process by opening registration for you
  • You want to consider options for majors and/or minors
  • You do not know how to get help for a particular situation
  • You want to discuss any problems which affect your academic performance, including your academic progress or your personal strengths and weaknesses
  • You want to know how adding, dropping, or auditing courses could affect your academic standing, financial aid, insurance, or other issues
  • You are concerned about your study skills, having difficulties in your coursework, or are on academic probation
  • You want to discuss career choices or graduate programs
  • You want to know what minors would complement your major

If you want to explore a major, minor, or a career interest but have not yet declared a major, you are encouraged to talk to your academic advisor, the department chairperson or a faculty member in the department which offers that major/minor you are interested in.  If you are unsure who to talk to, the Coordinator of Advising Services in Student Success can direct you to appropriate faculty member.

What Courses should I take?

If you are undeclared as to your major, taking classes that satisfy the requirements for the General Education program will help you get closer to graduation, and will also allow you to build your knowledge base, develop critical thinking and writing skills, and explore areas of possible interest.  General Education at Andrews University includes a variety of courses from different disciplines with options in most areas. General Education is designed to foster lifelong learning and prepare students to be well-informed, participating members of society.

As you take classes from General Education choices, note which ones really catch your attention and have you thinking about issues.  These interest areas may guide you towards your major choice. 

Where do I go for Tutoring or Writing assistance?  Where can I get help with my Study Skills?

The Student Success Center offers support services including individual tutoring (see Tutoring at Andrews), developing study skills, and other special programs.

The Math Center, located in the Mathematics Department, assists students with university math class homework.  The Mathematics department phone number is 269-471-3423 and the Math Center phone number is 269-471-6662. 

The Writing Center, Nethery Hall 134, has peer consultants who are trained to assist with revisions of writing assignments in a variety of disciplines. For more information or to set up an appointment call 269-471-3358 or contact the Writing Center at http://www.andrews.edu/cas/english/resources/writing_center.html

The Student Success Center offers workshops and handouts to assist with improving study and test taking skills. Go to Success Skills for more information.



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